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Monday, February 6, 2012

Wellington Bowl-a-Rama bowl riding 2012 countdown

Wellington Bowl-a-Rama bowl riding 2012 countdown and official 2011 video
Wellington Bowl-a-Rama bowl riding 2012 countdown

BOWL-A-RAMA Wellington is presenting some of the best bowl riders in the world, competing in the finest bowl in New Zealand, on the iconic Wellington harbor. The Wellington Bowl-a-Rama will be taking place February 8th through the 11th, 2012 at the Waitangi Skate Park on Cable Street in Wellington, New Zealand. The competition is for pro and master competitors.

Pat Ngoho at Wellington 2011. Photo Bowl-A-Rama organization 

Art shows, exhibitions and live entertainment will also be a part of the illustrious event the days before and after the contest there will be a week-long festival including art shows, video premiers, live music performances, giveaways and more…

Take a look on the left at the official 2011 Bowl-A-Rama video.

Last year, after a long day of battle at Wellington’s Waitangi Park, Pedro Barros and Pat Ngoho finished as the big winners of OAKLEY BOWL-A-RAMA™. The crowds of over 6000 on Saturday 12th of February witnessed Pat walk away with the Masters 1st place prize of A$20,00 and youngster Pedro Barros with the Pros 1st place prize of A$4800, a prize purse which gave each skater a huge incentive to get amongst the competition in this years OAKLEY BOWL-A-RAMA™.

2011 PRO Wellington Bowl-A-Rama results
1st Place Prize money = $4800 Pedro Barros
2nd Place Prize money = $2500 Sky Siljeg
3rd Place Prize money = $2000 Rune Glifberg

4th Place Prize money = $1800 Benji Galloway
5th Place Prize money = $1500 RJ Barbaro
6th Place Prize money = $1400 Nolan Monroe
7th Place Prize money = $1300 Otavio Neto
8th Place Prize money = $1200 Steve Reeves

2011 MASTERS Wellington Bowl-A-Rama results
1st Place Prize money = $2000 Pat Ngoho
2nd Place Prize money = $1600 Lester Kasai
3rd Place Prize money = $1400 Sergie Ventura

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