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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Florida Bowlriders 2012 Results

Florida Bowlriders 2012 Results
Florida Bowlriders 2012, Kona Skatepark, New Smyrna, Benji Galloway, Pedro Barros, Lizzie Armanto, Skateboard contest, skateboarding news
The skatepark (The Playground?) at New Smyrna for the Florida Bowlriders 2012. Photo Chris Zsarnay
Florida Bowlriders 2012, Kona Skatepark, New Smyrna, Benji Galloway, Pedro Barros, Lizzie Armanto, Skateboard contest, skateboarding news
The stop# 2 of the Florida Bowlriders Cup 2012
Commotion at NSB and Kona skateparks for the 2012 Florida Bowlrider

2012 Florida Bowlriders Cup Kona event finals just finished at New Smyrna Beach and Kona skatepark. More tha seventy-five of the best skaters were competing for the 2012 Florida Bowl Riders Cup in five divisions: boys, women, masters, pro and open amateur. Unfortunately, looks like the weather predictions were unpredictable in the last contests. Last week, the Oi Skate Jam had to be cancelled at Rio de Janeiro and this week-end, the rain again perturbed the contest at New Smyrna Beach for the Florida Bowlrider Cup 2012. Established in 1977, the Florida Bowlriders Cup is self proclaimed "North Americas premier skatepark series."Actually, it is networthy to say that Kona is the longest surviving private skatepark in the world and has been organizing that contest for years with the help of the World Cup Skateboarding (WCS), although the WCS did not sponsor the event this year.

The Florida Bowlriders’ organization took a lot of heat during this week-end on their Facebook page as no information was posted for three days and people looking for the results started to be infuriated because of the blackout. At 11:50pm on Sunday Night, there was no official results posted and we had to look for friends, phone calls and info recoup everywhere to get an idea of the results. . isTia.Tv contacted by phone and email several people present at Kona this week-end and no one was able to give us the full results so far. According to a post by Shart Panda on Facebook the Florida Bowlrider announcer at Kona was apparently mentioning on Sunday the commotion on the facebook page and said "if you want to know so badly, you should have been here!" Sic! But eventually, the full results were posted on Monday morning, no pain no gain, huh?.
Florida Bowlriders 2012, Kona Skatepark, New Smyrna, Benji Galloway, Pedro Barros, Lizzie Armanto, Skateboard contest, skateboarding news
Florida Bowlriders. Photo Aidan Dansey Flood Kontrol Skateboards
Eventually, after two back-to-back days of high mystery events at New Smyrna Beach Skatepark (NSB) and Kona Skatepark, this weekend’s Florida Bowlriders Cup is finally over. Pedro Barros seems unbeatable now after winning his 4th contest in a row at NSB. People noticed that he did not even show up at Kona for the Saturday and Sunday event. He might not need it actually… Kurt Baker, and Lizzie Armanto took home top honors in the Pros, and Girls divisions respectively at New Smyrna Beach. Lizzie Armanto was declared overall female winner of the contest.

Anyway, after the rain, here are the results:

Florida Bowlriders’Girls Division at NSB
1st Lizzie Armanto
2nd Abby Zsarnay
3rd Hanna Chumley
4th Brooke Crawford
5th Dyan Norbury
6th Wendy Wilhoit
7th Chyanne Reese

Florida Bowlrider Cup New Smyrna (NSB)


1. Pedro Barros
2. Benji Galloway
3. Dalton Dern
4. Kevin Kowalski
5. Jimmy Marcus
6. Daniel Cuervo
7. Keith Baldassaree
8. Steven Workman
9. Rich Payne
10. Packy Francher
11. Jed Fuller
12. Shaun Ross
13. Connor Getzlaff

Photo Jeff Hoot

1. Benji Galloway
2. Dalton Dern
3. Kevin Kowalski
4. Mike Peterson
5. Keith Baldassaree
6. Pedro Barros
7. Steve Workman
8. Daniel Cuervo
9. Jimmy Marcus
10. Rich Payne
11. Shaun Ross
12. Packy Francher
13. Connor Getzlaff
14. Jed Fuller



1. Kurt Baker
2. Dave Allen
3. aaron Astorga
4. Wrex Cook
5. Bob Umble
6. Tony Walsh
7. Mike Rogers
8. Ray Fennessey

Photo Jeff Hoot

1. Todd Johnson
2. Wrex Cook
3. Dave Allen
4. Aaron Astorga
5. Mike Rogers
6. Lonny Rider
7. Tony Walsh
8. Shawn Coffman
9. Donny Griffin
10. Ray Fennessey
11. Andy Birdwell

Open Am


1. Marshal LaFrance
2. Clay Kreiner
3. Chris Russel
4. alex Sorgente
5. Brandon Yarborough
6. Kaden Campbell
7. Cason Kirk
8. Dane Quintal
9. Collin Graham
Photo Jeff Hoot
10. Spencer Lau
11. Dante Tonella
12. Joe Storm
13. Aidan Danasy
14. Austin Gordon
15. Pedro Delfino
16. Jacob Welch
17. Austin Creasman
18. Drew Hoffman
19. Isaac Crawford
20. Frank Schaffroth
21. Trevor Bates
22. Stone Denning
23. Bryce Stark
24. Trevor Brice
25. Ryan Martin
26. Miles Roderick
27. Cameron Soules
28. Eli Reames


1. Alex Sorgente
2. Chris Russel
3. Marshal LaFrance
4. Kaden Campbell
5. Cason Kirk
Photo Jeff Hoot
6. Dane Quintal
7. Spencer Lau
8. Aidan Dansay
9. Clay Kreiner
10. Pat Brown
11. Eli Reams
12. Collin Granam
13. Frank Schaffroth
14. Pedro Delfino
15. Austin Gordon
16. Isaac Crawford
17. Bryce Stark
18. Trevor Brice
19. Brandon Yarborough
20. Jacob Welch
21. Joe Storm
22. Ryan Martin
23. Drew Hoffman
24. Austin Creasman
25. Stone Denning
26. Miles Roderick
27. Trevor Bates
28. Dante Tonella

Boys 14 & Under

New Smyrna Beach

1. Toby Gummeson
2. Nick Wallace
Photo Jeff Hoot
3. Matthew Despres
4. Vinicius Godoy Barbosa
5. Miles McKinney
6. Jack Winburn
7. Brennan Campbell
8. Jacob Wooten
9. Titus Massinello
10. Joseph Whitney
11. Joshua Forsberg
12 Filipe Humphreys
13. Cooper Burows
14. Chris Hatten


1. Toby Gummeson
2. Nick Walllace
3. Matthew Despres
4. Jacob Wooten
5. Brennan Campbell
6. Jack Winburn
7. Miles McKinney
8. Titus Massinello
9. Vinicius Godoy Barbosa
10. Joseph Whitney
11. Christopher Kozma
12. Cooper Burrows
13. Filipe Humphreys
14. Joshua Forsberg
15. Reid Griffin
16. Chase Tucker
17. Chris Hatten
18. Dylan Tucker
19. Destin Manderville

Photo Jeff Hoot


1. Lizzie Armanto
2. Abby Zsarnay
3. Hanna Chumley
4. Brooke Crawford
5. Dyan Norbury
6. Wendy Wilhoit
7. Chyanne Reese


1. Lizzie Armanto
2. Abby Zsarnay
3. Hanna Chumley
4. Dyan Norbury
5. Chyanne Reese
6. Brooke Crawford
7. Julie Westfall
8. Wendy Wilhoit

Florida Bowlriders 2012, Kona Skatepark, New Smyrna, Benji Galloway, Pedro Barros, Lizzie Armanto, Skateboard contest, skateboarding news

Pictures by Jeff Hoot, NSB, Aidan Dansey and Christopher Zsarnay. Used by permission. Thanks Jeff, Chris and Aidan!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, March 10, 2012 

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It says that Pedro Barros is unbeatable but wasn't there on Saturday, then you show him in the results as coming 6th. So, is he beatable? It is cool to see Benji skating again and winning.

March 13, 2012 at 11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pedro won on Saturday, but gave up his spot because he needed to go back to Brazil in the morning.

March 14, 2012 at 1:54 PM  

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