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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Josh Mattson at Etnies

Josh Mattson Welcome to the Team.
Filming & Editing By: Josh Peacock
Welcome to the Team Video. Filming & Editing By: Josh Peacock

Josh Mattson recently joined the S-One Helmet Company's skate team. The announcement came with a Josh Mattson "Welcome to the Team video" featuring Mattson grinding the black pool at etnies skatepark. This pool is made with a black concrete very slippery which and might explain why the video is surprisingly short.

At 28 years old, Josh Mattson, a regular and California native has been skating at high levels for years. Mattson has long been considered a dynamic bowl skater and is known for unloading fierce FS 540s. His career highlights include a 1st place at the 2007 Battle of the Shops Tranny Contest, a 2nd place win at the 2010 Malmo Ultra Bowl and a 4th place at the 2006 Tim Brauch Memorial Pro Contest. If you need further proof of his skate prowess, there are multiple videos of him online ripping up the competition at bowl events.
Josh Mattson at Ocean City MD in 2011
In 2011, he also competed at the Protec Combi Pool party at Vans skatepark and at the Converse Coastal Carnage at Huntington Beach and ultimately finished 11th in the Finals. When he is not skating, Josh Mattson is also known to enjoy fishing and surfing. In addition to the S-One Helmet Company, he has sponsorship support from Emerica, Ace Trucks, Bones, PPS and Small Beating Skateboards.

BTW, the S-One Helmet Company has a nice informative blog set-up which bring to the point about how important it is to wear a helmet in bowl and pool skateboarding.

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