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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oi Vert Jam 2012 Results

Bob Burnquist, winner of the 2012 Oi Vert Jam. Photo Claudio Feijo
Oi Vert Jam 2012 Results

The 10th edition of Hi Vert Jam once again opened the season on the World Tour of the World Cup Skateboarding (WCS) in Brazil and underlined that Rio de Janeiro was a very important event in the calendar of skateboarding. The Skate Park at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, between days 1 and March 4, brought together leading skateboarding names and new skate talents. The Oi Vert Jam is considered one of the most radical sports events lasting from Brazil where skateboarding is the second most practiced sport after surfing. In the official calendar of the city of Rio de Janeiro ten years ago, the Vert Jam was one of the most anticipated events of the Rio summer. For years, its structure is mounted on the Skate Park, with the beauty of the Lagoon and the Corcovado Mountain as a backdrop for radical maneuvers there.
Oi Vert Jam had a lot to celebrate in 2012.

The main event of vertical skateboarding in Brazil just turned ten years old. This year, Oi Vert Jam was held in a new address: the main names of worldwide skateboarding will be flying to the maneuvers in an arena in Praça do Ó, Barra da Tijuca, next to Posto 2. Important names in the sport - like Pedro Barros, Adam Taylor, veteran Andy Macdonald, and new blood like Mitchie Brusco - were among the athletes who had confirmed their participation in Oi Vert Jam.

In his first appearance at Hi Vert Jam in 2010, Pedro Barros impressed everyone by winning the fourth place, becoming the great revelation of the event. Today, at age 17, is one of the biggest promises of the Brazilian and skate confirmed presence.
Representative of the new generation, Pedrinho grew up watching the event on television, and three years part of the competition. "The Vert Jam was one of those responsible for demarginalization of skateboarding in Brazil. Many people had the opportunity to see that the sport is cool. With the Live Stream from Globo TV, the Oi Vert Jam entered the home of many people reported positively skate and attracted fans and practitioners. "

Earlier this month, Pedro Barros was the third consecutive winner of the Bowl-A-Rama in Wellington, New Zealand. In his third appearance at the event, it celebrates the change of location of the track, which went to Barra da Lagoa.
Mitchie Brusco on his first visit to Brazil for the 2012 Oi
Vert Jam, he finished 5th. Photo Oi Vert Jam
"The fact that we face a new audience will be an extra motivation." Pedro Barros also won the first three contests of the WCS.
For the Santa Catarina, skating is always fun, even in official tournaments. "I never prepare for competitions. Skateboarding for me is always a session with friends. In the last two months I spent the whole time just walking into bowl, half pipe, but is in my blood too. So, I just need to feel good to walk well! "

Rain, Rain! Rain!
Unfortunately for Pedro Barros, the rain impeded the contest on Sunday and the event was stopped. The organizers decided that it was too dangerous for the skaters to use the soaked ramp. Even though the sun resurfaced at midday, the WCS had already decided to use the qualifying results as final results. The awning square meters covering the ramp was not able to contain the heavy rain that fell on the wind in the city, on Sunday morning, and wet part of the ramp-mounted Square O, Barra da Tijuca. On behalf of the safety of the skaters, the organization of the Oi Vert Jam and World Cup Skateboarding, which holds the World Circuit, decided that it would not be the final race and that, for purposes of scoring, the results would be worth the semifinals, played on Saturday. Therefore, it was the carioca Bob Burnquist, who has years living in the United States who won the Oi Vert Jam in 2012.. The runner-up, second best placed on Saturday, was the Englishman Paul-Luc Ronchetti, followed by American Andy MacDonald, who took third place. Champion of Hi Vert Jam, the skater Marcelo Bastos, pre-qualified for the finals, did not have the opportunity to defend his title on the ramp. The WCS then decided that the score he gets the next stage of the Tour, China will be worth double. "The safety of the skaters is above everything. I believe it was the wisest decision we could take," said Hi Vert Jam organizer, Marcia Casz. Owner of the track, the six-time world Sandro Dias said, with heavy rain in the morning, would be impossible to end the dispute: "Wood is the enemy of water. There would be time to dry up the ramp." Bob Burnquist later declared that "There were no conditions for the final place. Still, as the level of the semifinals was very high, I think the end result is justified. I have lived similar situations in other championships and the procedure is always the same. " Marcelo Bastos said : "I would have run, but I cannot control the weather". It is now expected in April (when will the next stage of the World Tour in Shanghai) and get a good score" Andy MacDonald: "It's always good to come to Rio and the weather usually cooperates. Too bad we cannot run on the ramp today, especially because of the fans who attended the event. But we had a semifinal with the level as high as would be the final one. I think (no final) was the right decision. Not contest under these conditions would have been safe. "

Oi Vert Jam 2012 results
1 Bob Burnquist $7,000 USD
2 Paul Luc Ronchetti $4,000 USD
3 Andy Mac $3,000 USD
4 Pedro Barros $2,000 USD
5 Mitchie Brusco $1,000 USD
6 Sandro Dias "Mineirinho" $800 USD
7 Dan Cesar Pardinho $600 USD
8 Edgard Pereira "Vovô" $500 USD
9 Renton Millar "Rentos" $400 USD
10 Danny Mayer $300 USD
11 Ronaldo Gomes "Rony" $200 USD
12 Italo Penarrubia $200 USD
13 Rodrigo Menezes "Digo"
14 Neal Hendrix
15 Nathan Beck "Jimmy"
16 Marcelo Kosake
17 Vitor Cesar Simão
18 Lincoln Dyu Ueda
19 Elliot Sloan
20 Mizael Simão
21 Lécio Batista "Neguinho"
22 Diego de Souza
23 Cristiano Matheus
24 Sergio Fortunato de Paula
25 Jairo Gutierrez
26 Otávio Neto
27 Cleiber Silva "BINHA"
28 Marco Aurelio Fonseca "Jeff"
29 Nilo Peçanha
30 Cleber Gomes "Bicho"
31 Martin André
32 Paulo Roberto da Cruz
33 Anthony Furlong
34 Raphael Felipe de Souza "Indio"
35 Marcelo Bastos

Previous winners of the Oi Skateboard Vert Jam in Rio De Janeiro

2002 - Sandro Dias
2003 - Rune Glifberg (DIN)
2004 - não teve
2005 - Bob Burnquist
2006 - Bob Burnquist
2007 - Sandro Dias
2008 - Bob Burnquist
2009 - Renton Millar(AUS)
2010 - Marcelo Bastos
2011 - Marcelo Bastos

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