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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pedro Barros From Florianopolis to Stardom

On clenched fists, the Catarinense is showing the symbol of the partnership that led to that moment: a tattoo that
only he and his father, Andre, scored on hand to perpetuate the relationship that has been the source of the feeling
of success Brazilian sport. Photo Alexandre Durão/
Pedro Barros From Florianopolis to Stardom

On February 27th, 2012, on the shores of Bondi Beach, near Sydney Australia, the sixteen-year-old professional skateboarder Pedro Barros took out his third consecutive Pro title after a heated final that saw him using every inch of the bowl at full-throttle speed, busting everything from head-high stalefish 540s, to technical lip trickery like alley-oop frontside 50-50s around the tight corner, just beating an impressive Bucky Lasek and Rune Glifberg . This third title followed his victory at the Wellington Bowl-A-Rama in New Zealand and the Pro Beach Bowl contest at the Australian Open of Surfing. The three contests being held each within one week time frame. Pedro Barros was the World Cup Skateboarding number one ranked bowl skater for 2011 and he’s defending that title rather harshly in 2012.
Pedro Barros' bowl in his backyard.
This string of victories quickly prompted Grind.Tv to ask: “While Barros's victories have been impressive and have come in dominating fashion, whether it's good for the sport is another question. An unrivaled athlete hurts the excitement of the sport. If you already know who's going to win, what's the incentive to watch?

Whether Pedro Barros’ supremacy in bowl riding is good for skateboarding or not might be irrelevant. There are a lot of sports that were dominated by one person and the public do not turn away in a blasé look…

The secret of the amazing ascension of Pedro Barros to stardom status in just a couple of years might be found in his special relationship with his father, Andre. "Barros RTMF." The tattoos show that the father and the son, pictured above, are a tribute to the family and the place where it all began and is still happening: Rio Tavares neighborhood, the place where the Barros call home in Florianopolis.

Andre Barros, Pedros' father explain that “We started walking together, when Pedro was a year old. I was mainly into surfing, but I started practicing skateboarding because of him. Time passed, he progressed very fast, but we had no bowls in the city. So we decided to build one for him in our land.

With the oval pool in the backyard, the trend has been even faster. Suddenly came numerous titles in amateur championships until Pedro completed 15 years and become one of the youngest professional skaters in history. In 2010, Pedro won the gold medal in the sport park of the X-Games, the Olympics of extreme sports.
In Bondi, Pedro Barros ripped the bowl at full throttles and easily won the Bowl-A-Rama contest.
Photo Kim Andison for isTia.Tv.
Today, Pedro Barros is the world champion of the WCS in bowl, his specialty, and he sure is the successor of Sandro Dias and Bob Burnquist in vert.

When asked about his special relationship with his father, Pedro says: “I owe everything to my father. He was always by my side. Without him I would not be here, living this moment in my career.”

Ultimately, Andre Barros always travels with Pedro. The last trip was in the Southern Pacific, from where Pedro came back in his luggage with three titles in the World Bowl. The first was in New Zealand and the other two, Manly and Bondi beaches of Sydney, Australia, famous for surfing, the other passion of Barros.
Andre Barros recalls that “Before Peter was born, I always traveled to catch the wave. Now we are partners of surfing. Whenever we take our boards for places with beach racing and he also took the opportunity to surf.

Bowl riding and surfing: no wonder Pedro is so good in bowl… He might even be unbeatable for anyone that don’t have a surfing background or, as Sufer Magazine just coined it in the last issue, "The Surfer Gene"…

Adapted from : “Marca vitoriosa,” from Breno Dines in Rio de Janeiro


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, March 04, 2012 


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