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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Skate Park of Tampa 2012 Street Results

Torey Pudwill Tampa Pro 2012 Winning Run
Skate Park of Tampa 2012 Tampa Pro Street Results

Man, that Tampa Pro contest was sick. And if you were paying attention to the internet over the weekend, then you’ll already know that the Tampa Pro 2012 Presented by Nike SB Live Webcast Pro 2012 was streamlined on isTia.Tv and that, after smashing three boards, Mike V eventually made his sick Nose pick on the wall after attempting several times during the contest and won $2500 with the Red Bull “That S**t’s Tight” award. The Skatepark of Tampa is a crusty little warehouse in Tampa, Florida with the best service and selection in skateboarding since 1993
Skate Park of Tampa 2012 Street Results, Torey Pudwill,  Chaz Ortiz,  Sean Malto, Tampa Pro 2012
Torey Pudwill

and they have been organizing the Tampa Pro since 1995, exactly the year when Mike Vallely won it the first time. So, congrats to Mike V for being so good after so many years (he is 41 years old)…

After the vert was over on Friday, the focus of the third and last day of this year's Tampa Pro was definitely on the final of the main event. Thirty skaters were left and had the chance to pocket some of the $75K prize pool. In the Best Trick competition, the pros put all their eggs into one basket to nail the best trick.

After top 30 from the Qualifiers Results today
Skate Park of Tampa 2012 Street Results, Torey Pudwill,  Chaz Ortiz,  Sean Malto, Tampa Pro 2012
Mike Vallely just after winning the Red Bull “That S**t’s Tight”
made the cut, the top two, Chaz Ortiz and Torey Pudwill, not only directly went to the Finals but to the podium.

The other 28 go to the Semi-Finals and join past winners of Tampa Pro.

Skate Park of Tampa / Tampa Pro results

1. Tory Pudwill
2. Chaz Ortiz
3. Sean Malto. Kansas City KS, Age: 22. Girl, Nike SB, Spitfire, Escapist, Thunder, Diamond, Fourstar, Glassy, Grizzly Grip. Music choice: Rock
4. Leo Romero. Fontana CA, Age: 25. Emerica, Toy Machine, Pharmacy, Eswic, Independent, Pig, Bro Style Grip Tape .
5. Felipe Gustavo. Brasilia Brazil, Age: 21. Plan B, Silver, FKD, Bones wheels, DC, Nixon, LRG, Diamond, Foot Printer Insoles . Music choice: Hip Hop
6. Chris Cole. Philadelphia PA, Age: 30. Zero, DC, Thunder, Spitfire, Reign Skate Shop, Omit Apparel, Stance, Kershaw Knives.

Skate Park of Tampa 2012 Street Results, Torey Pudwill,  Chaz Ortiz,  Sean Malto, Tampa Pro 2012
Chaz Ortiz on his last run
7. Nyjah Huston. Huntington Beach CA, Age: 17. Element, Diamond, Silver, Ricta, DC, Mob, FKD. Music choice: Reggae
8. Kyle Berard. Virginia Beach VA, Age: 27. Lost, Consolidated, OJ Wheels, Vertical Urge Skate Shop, Indy, DC (flow). Music choice: Rock
9. Greg Lutzka. Milwaukee WI, Age: 26. Darkstar, K-Swiss, Rockstar, Indy, FKD, Ricta, Oakley, Active, Neff, Jose Cuervo. Music choice: Lil Wayne
10. Ryan Decenzo. Vancouver B.C. Canada, Age: 25. Darkstar, Globe, Nixon, Dakine, Red Bull, RDS Apparel, Neff, Bones, Empire Shop, Arnette, Orion Trucks, Kicker. Music choice: Hip Hop
11. Matt Bennet (also winner of best air) Corona CA, Age: 26. Toy Machine, Dekline Shoes, Pig Wheels, Furnace, Ambiguous, Mob. Music choice: 80's
12. Billy Marks (also winner of best trick)

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