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Friday, April 6, 2012

Andre Barros Interview

Andre Barros Interview

Pedro Barros showing how you do a perfect grind at his pool in Fioranopolis just before the Red Bull Skate generation contest. Photo unknown.

Christian Hosoi, team winner at Red Bull Skate generation 2012. Pic by WCS
On April 1st, RTMF, the body behind the Barros’ family organized the Red Bull Skate Generation in Fioranopolis, Brazil. The full event was broadcast live on isTia.Tv and as expected Pedro Barros won, giving the award to his team composed of Pedro Barros, Leo Kakinko, Christian Hosoi, Felipe Caltabiano.

The event was a huge success and led to one of the biggest purse in Brazilian skateboard history: $27,200 USD. Skaters flew from all parts of the world to participate. Prior to the event, a barrage of invitations were sent to Andre Barros, Pedro’s father and the organizer of the event. Out of more than 2600 instant requests, Andre awarded 1,000, creating an instant stir among those who were rejected.

In an interview with Campeonato De Skate, a Brazilian website, Andre explains why he only awarded 1,000 passes for the contest. He also explains the logistics behind the Red Bull Skate generation contest, how it is to organize an international event of this magnitude and the differences between his contest and The Oi Vert, The Bowl-A-Rama and why is skateboarding a family affair in the Barros’ family.

Here are the first three questions of the interview.

Is your involvement into the organization of the skate championships and events a consequence of your son’s entry in the contest or do you have a background in organizing events?
Andre Barros: That’s the consequence of being 13 years running the world with my son and seeing events around! I have seen a lot of bad things but also many good things happening, so why not do something only with the good stuff! I have a degree in Hospitality and Tourism with Food. To satisfy the customer is the reason why I do all of this!

You are usually going to the skate contests as a spectator; do you have that aptitude to observing and analyzing the good ideas, strengths and flaws in the contests organizations?
Andre Barros:The two for sure. I love everything that happens. I love to skate and see what goes on. It's tiring, but everything has its good side of sacrifice! I am critical, very critical and watch everything to learn!

The set of the 2012 Red Bull Skate Generation organized by Andre Barros. Pic by Tauana Sofia

What was the biggest and best skate event you went to? How did this event influenced you in organizing the Red Bull Skate Generation?
Andre Barros: The events of the Maloof Money cup, and the circuit ProTec Bowl Rama. The organizers of the events have great respect and were made by the skaters for skaters! The way they show the logistic helped me to form my events. Actually my events, not mine, are the RTMF, everything I do has participation from everyone!

The interview is in Portuguese, but feel free to go to Campeonato De Skate to read the rest of the interview.

And as one fan justly said on Andre Barros’ Facebook web page: “Parabéns! Seriedade e determinação sempre vão fazer a diferença."

Congrats for the event Andre!!

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