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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Desillusion and Nixon Present ‘This Is Andrew’

Graveside Pool Riding, Hawaii
Andrew Reynolds back disaster at FDR
To celebrate its tenth year of existence, Desillusion magazine has chosen to honor the people who have inspired them most this past decade.

After zooming in on snowboarder/musician Trevor Andrew in the first edition, the second of this series of six portraits takes a look at the life of Andrew Reynolds.

This is Andrew is a short video about one of the most influential skateboarders of all times, Andrew Reynolds. Pro for over 15 years now, the man has dedicated his entire life to the skateboarding world, and has done just about everything there is to be done. From the mischief that him and his crew Piss drunk used to get up to, to the DIY creation of Baker skateboard, he never once forgot to be and stay one of the best on a board, which earned him the title of » the boss » over the years.

Growing up in a small town in Florida, Andrew started skateboarding at a very young age. Due to his exceptional talent – Reynolds won the first contest he ever entered – he drew the attention of the skate industry and landed on some of the top sponsored teams as a teenager. Following Tony Hawk and others to the Californian epicentre of skateboarding at the age of 18, he met fellow skateboarders like Jim Greco, Ali Boulala and Knox Godoy, later on known as the “Pissed Drunx”, ruling the streets of LA.

Years of money, fame, and fast living follow, until Reynolds aka “The Boss” became the first one to reach a turning point in his life. Going down the hard road of rehab and recuperation, he managed to rise back on track maintaining his skill, style and laid back approach. With his part in Emerica’s “Stay Gold” Andrew again impresses the skateboarding community, fans and friends, showing the world how far stern determination and true passion can lead you.

“This is Andrew” is a thoughtful portrait of one of the most intriguing personalities skateboarding has seen. In some unprecedented interview footage Reynolds shares what inspires him and made him change his lifestyle, his love for skateboarding and deep loyalty to his friends.

After the great success of “This is Trouble”, a short movie portraying snowboarder and musician Trevor “Trouble” Andrew that was launched this past February ( ), “This is Andrew” is the second tribute video Nixon x Desillusion magazine dedicate to one of their most influential inspirations in the board sports scene. The video comes along with the latest issue of Desillusion magazine featuring Andrew Reynolds as an exclusive guest editor, available from Monday, 16th of April, 2012.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, April 19, 2012 


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