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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Duane Peters with new Indy trucks

NEW DUANE PETERS INDY AD AND VIDEO: Duane’s Limited Signature Truck Out Now, 149, New 159 / 169 (coming soon)
Duane Peters in Florianopolis. Photo Helge Tscharn
Duane Peters and Independent are about to release a series of trucks in 149 (not a lot of use), 159 and 169. By far the 169 is the best, of course. Can't wait to see those. Long life to Indy and Duane Peters. Duane Peters was born on June 12, 1961. Known by his pals as "The Master of Disaster", is a punk rock singer/songwriter and professional skateboarder. Active since 1977, he also known as the singer in the California punk rock band U.S. Bombs, which formed in 1993. Peters was one of the very first high profile skaters to embrace punk rock, cutting his blond hair short and narrowing his jeans when most skaters were still wearing 1970s fashions. As shown on an Eye on LA television segment, Duane left the punk rock movement for the softer sound of "New Romantic/White Funk" music; even forming a band by the name of Tan-Dane. Peters was named Transworld Skateboarding's "Legend" in 2003. He is a professional skateboarder who rides for Pocket Pistols Skates. In May 2005, Black Label Skateboards released a biographic film, entitled "Who Cares: The Duane Peters Story." A second documentary, planned by havocTV, and intended to focus on the supposed path to sobriety of Peters and then-wife Corey Parks, was publicised but failed to appear.[5] In 2006, a sober Peters, had a cameo in the Joan Jett video Androgynous, directed by Morgan Higby Night. Along with skateboarding, Peters is a well-known punk rock singer. He has formed bands such as the US Bombs, Political Crap, Die' Hunns (also known as Duane Peters and The Hunns), Duane Peters Gunfight, and Exploding Fuckdolls. He was formerly connected with two defunct record labels: Disaster Records,[6] (owned by Patrick Boissel of Alive Records), and – later – Indian Recordings (owned by Ponk Media). In 2000, Peters formed Duane Peters and The Hunns with Rob Milucky (previously of The Grabbers and The Pushers fame.) Within two years, the band released three full-length albums and undertook both national and European tours. At a The Damned show in 2002, Peters met future wife Corey Parks, who had just left her previous band, Nashville Pussy. Parks joined Duane Peters and the Hunns on bass guitar and soon the band changed their name to Die Hunns, recorded a fourth full-length album entitled Long Legs, Die' Hunns, and embarked on another tour. In 2010, Duane Peters fall in Colorado while skating for the the Mike Vallely Glory Bound tour just when it came to an end. His knee was shattered and a bad staff infection invaded it. Duane arrived anonymously at the hospital, just saying to the nurses that he was only a shoe salesman, but when the doctor came in he just asked DP: “Hey, are you the Master Of Disaster? Fuck!" The slam on his left knee resulted in an infection so bad that the doctor wanted to amputate the leg at the knee. Then, before the surgery, the doctor asked Peters to sign a form allowing him only to amputate his foot; at least the leg was saved. Peters made one last appeal to the surgeon. “It’s too late in the game for me to start learning to skate with a prosthetic. I guarantee I’ll just get a peg leg and go back to drinking—and I’m going to die a pirate.” He ended up with a major chunk of flesh taken out of his leg but he is still skating like in the 80's.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, April 18, 2012 


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