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Friday, April 13, 2012

Interview with Pedro Barros, part two

"I was in Australia for the Bowl A Rama and Manly Beach was before. If I was there, why not! All my friends were
 doing it and also the guy who organized it does good stuff so I decided to do it!" Pedro Barros at Manly Beach Bowl.
 Ph. Unknown
This is the second part of Pedro Barros’ interview with isTia.Tv.

Not only Pedro Barros is one of the biggest names in Brazilian skateboarding, already earmarked by pundits as the next Sandro Dias or Bob Burnquist, he is the #1 World Cup Championship (WC) Champ.

Taking gold at the X Games at the start of 2010 and beating veteran Andy MacDonald in the process, gave Pedro the star status he deserved. A stunning combination of 540 airs and grinding slides on the elaborate Los Angeles course at the L.A. Live complex saw Pedro score a massive 86 out of 100 points.

If you think skateboarding has nothing to do with surfing, take a look at the Gabriel Medina clip. The story of Gabriel Medina is similar to that of the Barros family. Gabriel Medina, 18, is the biggest name in Brazilian surfing today. As Andre and Peter, Gabriel lives a full partnership relationship with his stepfather, Charles, who trains and accompanies
 him on all stages of the world circuit since the beginning of his career. Hey!!! Medina is the one on the left..
A true hero for the new generation, Pedro had already picked up two medals in the X Games competition as an amateur in 2008 and 2009. A solid fourth place finish in vert at the Dew Tour, Boston, continues his quest for dominance. An all-round skateboarder Pedro is a technical demon on vert, mega ramp and wipes out the competition when it comes to the bowl.

The first part of Pedro Barros interview was more geared towards contest and challenges. The second part is much more about friendship, technique and fun.

Click to read the 1st part of Pedro Barros interview.

Pedro Barros at Wellington during the Bowl-A-Rama  2012

isTia.Tv: What do the following people mean to you?
- Leo Kakinho? Pedro Barros:
he is a legend of the 80’s; he skated with Hosoi and all. His son, Vi Kakinho skated in the Combi and got 4th, not him. Kakinho is kind of our Hosoi in Brazil. He was the first 13 years old kid to become pro back in the day. He got his first Tatoo when he was only 12 years old and his pro model came out when he was 13 years old. He has been my father’s friend for 20 years and he introduced the skate board to me and my dad! So he is the reason for all of this.

- Marcelos Kosake? Pedro Barros: RTMF family one of the best skater in Brazil! 3 times Brazilian vert champ. Skates everything! He was the one got me in the vert ramp and show me how to do four 540 in one line!

- Rodolfo Ramos? Pedro Barros: RTMF family pit bull - Gugu it’s like a pit bull! Small but he can fight big guys easy! He skate street in contest around the world,
Pedro Barros. Photo Alexandre Durao
but here he only skates bowl!

- Oscar "Mad" Edinger, coping killer. Does he work in a Complexsk8park/bar lounge in f Porto Alegre?
Pedro Barros: RTMF family! Yes, he moved to Porto Alegre now! First time in life that he is really working! He is getting old, better for him!

- Eduardo "Alemao" Dias. He is a crazy carver and founder of Drop Dead Family. They have the license for Santa Cruz Indy & Brazil plus other local brands, as well as indoor park in Curitiba, the hometown Ramos brothers, with Rodolfo "Gugu". He was at the Xgames first street in 2010.
Pedro barros: All my life I have been with the Dias family. First, he’s Adriando Dias’ brother, who has been my dad’s friends for 18 years! Eduardo moved up to RTMF 5 years ago but he always getting the weekends here before that! They are the father of skateboard industry! The only one that did what is right for skate. All the rest just sucks.

Pedro Barros was born from Andre Barros with surfing in his blood. His bond with famed Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina is notorious. And although they never met, Pedro and Gabriel respect each other a lot and talk on Twitter. Andre, Pedro and Gabriel Medina thrive on an endless summer way of life, filled with waves, concrete bowls , awards, fans and fame… Photo Rip Curl.
isTia.Tv: Do you think surfing helps you with your skateboarding? Pedro Barros: Fuck yeah!!! Totally
isTia.Tv: What is the state of friendship with Gabriel Medina? Pedro Barros: I think he is my idol as much as I’m his idol. We never meet before but we have that connection for what we been doing for surf and skate.

isTia.Tv: Who are your best friends outside of Skateboarding? Pedro Barros: Hahahahah I don’t have that! Everyone around me skates!

isTia.Tv: How do you rate the following skaters:
Mitchie Brusco: Pedro Barros: He is a good kid
Tom Schaar: Pedro Barros: The same

isTia.Tv: How do you see the 1080 that Tom Schaar landed in the
Woodward ramp? Is that the future of vert Skateboarding? Pedro Barros: He did something that vert skaters was wondering if it would be able to ever been done! He did, that’s fact! I do 540 and I won few contest because of that, but spin tricks its not my deal! Its many other things in skate board that I would love to learn before it!

isTia.Tv: Although you are the best bowlrider worldwide and although you have thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of fans, you don’t have the kind of crazy following that street skaters like Nyjah Huston have… Why is it? Is it because bowl and vert is not as popular as street skating? Pedro Barros: Street is much more popular than bowl skateboarding!

isTia.Tv: Would you switch a fame in bowl skating for a fame in street skating? Pedro Barros; Fuck no! I do skate street and I love it, but I like to go fast all the time, I like to go high all the time
"It’s not about me making the money, but other skaters need to make a little bit to survive skating. If I go there I can
 take money from someone who needs more than I do. It’s not fair! When is a big money prize, more people make
 money so I can go and not feel I’m the only one making money!"
Pedro Barros at Bondi Bowl-A-Rama 2012 Ph. Dave Pang
and I really love the coping block!

isTia.Tv: Brazil is extremely well endowed with high level skateboarder. In 2010 the following
Brazilians were at the top of the WCS ranking: Pro Street - Rodolfo Ramos, Vertical Half - Marcelo Bastos, Pro Bowl - Pedro Barros, Street girls - Leticia Buffoni. What’s so special with Skateboarding in Brazil? Pedro Barros: It’s getting there! Not like US yet

isTia.Tv: What is the percentage of street riders in Brazil? Pedro Barros: In Brazil there are 3 million street skaters of out 4 million skaters.

My father is like my friend. We do all together. Skate, surf, party, games, travel, the only thing we don’t do together
 is picking girls as he is married!
isTia.Tv: What are the 5 most practiced sports in Brazil? Pedro Barros: Soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer and skate/surf

isTia.Tv: You turned PRO at 14 but were beaten by Eric Dressen who turned pro earlier… Pedro Barros: I had the situation where Pocket Pistol and Drop Dead wanted to do a pro model and also In Brazil we don’t have like open division. It’s Pro or am, so for me to skate the Oi Vert, I needed to be Pro. After I won all the pro contest around the world, it was fair to turn pro!

Family                         .

isTia.Tv: How important is family for you? Pedro Barros: 100% important! Maybe that’s what the difference between me and many other people is. I have a solid family – THE RTMF -

Rio Tavares Mother Fuckers: "Everyone in Florianopolis respect my dad, from the drug dealers to the priest."
isTia.Tv: How old is your father? Pedro Barros: 40 years old

isTia.Tv: It seems there is not a large age difference between you and your father. Does that help with your relationship? Pedro Barros: He is like my friend. We do all together. Skate, surf, party, games, travel, the only thing we don’t do together is picking girls as he is married!

isTia.Tv: Would you have landed twice WCS champ without the help of your father? Pedro Barros: No way, maybe not even skate! My dad managed the whole shit! Open all the doors and showed me how to respect life! Everyone in Florianopolis respect my dad, from the drug dealers to the priest. This is because he always treated people with respect.
isTia.Tv: Are you going to continue in Megaramp? Pedro Barros: It’s not
really my deal! I like it but it’s too dangerous!
Because of this, he made me feel strong!

isTia.Tv: Did your father start with surfing or skateboarding? Pedro Barros: He started with surf first. Now he prefers skate as surf became too much crowded. He had to fight many times to protect our spot but now he think is much more pleasure to do a skate session with friends! But if you ask him if he wants to go to surf a 4 foot wave, classic, off shore and no one in the water but us or go to skate, for sure he will surf!

isTia.Tv: What is your father’s level in the bowl? Pedro Barros: Just carving grind, 5050 but good lines, that’s it! But it’s all he needs!

isTia.Tv: Would you ever leave Florianópolis to go live in another place? Pedro Barros: NO WAY


isTia.Tv: Do you think surfing helps you with your skateboarding? Pedro Barros: Fuck yeah!!! Totally
isTia.Tv: How many hours a day do you practice skateboarding and how many hours do you practice surfing? Pedro Barros: Bro, I surf and skate every day. Only when it rains and then I can’t skate or when there is no surf then I can’t surf!

isTia.Tv: People know you for bowl riding, but what is your street level? Pedro Barros: Shit compared with some pro street skate.

isTia.Tv: Would you switch vert and bowl for street? Pedro Barros: I skate all in different level, that’s what it is!

isTia.Tv: We see more and more street tricks in the bowl division; do you think street skaters can one day surpass bowl riders at their own game? Pedro Barros: Man, all the best skaters these days skates everything! Look for David Gonzales, Grand Taylor, Ben Hatchel, Raven, Jaws, etc…

isTia.Tv: What do you prefer: vert or bowl? Pedro Barros: BOWL

A young Pedro Barros in his RTMF Bowl at Florianopolis
isTia.Tv: What are the differences between vert and bowl? Pedro Barros: A lot! Vert is normally two walls and bowl is infinity types of lines!

isTia.Tv: What makes vert difficult and what makes bowl difficult? Pedro Barros: Vert, it’s all about tricks and bowl is all about lines. The real bowl rider, like Chris Miller, you get to do a grind as long as you can, you get to do airs on curves and skate fast as you can. Don’t stop, don’t lose speed!!!!

isTia.Tv: What is most difficult for you vert or bowl? Pedro Barros: Vert

isTia.Tv: When I interviewed Lizzie Armanto, a couple of months ago, she told me that for her, small bowls are more difficult than deep bowls. Is that the same for you? Pedro Barros: Man, a lot of people find in a big bowl some walls that can be used as a vert ramp and it won’t happen in small bowl. If you are bowl rider it doesn’t matter the size but the shape!
isTia.Tv: Sometimes you wear pads, sometimes not? What are the reasons you do not wear pads? Pedro Barros: If the spot offer me big air I get to use pads, but if it’s more about lip tricks I go for padless. I won’t take the pads out if I can do 9 food air all the time!

Tricks                                             .

isTia.Tv: Would you say that if you want to stay on top, you have to invent new tricks? Pedro Barros: Maybe, I am still too young! I don’t wanna think about it now.

isTia.Tv: What tricks have you invented? Pedro Barros: Hahahha none!

isTia.Tv: Most old school skaters have one or several tricks named after them. Would that be an achievement for you to have one or several tricks bearing you name? Pedro Barros: These days are put hard. It’s almost like everything has been done. I prefer just do what is there in the right way!
"RTMF is Rio Tavares Mother Fuckers. It’s a community of friends that been together for almost 20 years.'
Pedro Barros at the Ocean City stop of the 2011 Dew Tour. Photo Lee Leal Embassy Skateboards
isTia.Tv: How do you learn new tricks? Do you watch videos? Pedro Barros: I put much skating with different people, videos and skating.

isTia.Tv: What are the future tricks you are working on? - Pedro Barros: Future tricks, inverts?. I wanna do inverts. Too hard for me!

isTia.Tv: Are you going to continue in Megaramp? Pedro Barros: It’s not really my deal! I like it but it’s too dangerous!

isTia.Tv: What advice would you give a bowl skater that wants to learn new tricks? Pedro Barros: Go grind first man!

Style                               .

isTia.Tv: How do you recognize a Master's style? What are the
"Bowl is getting all. Vert, street and bowl riders!" Pedro at Coastal Carnage 2011
tricks that the Masters still do but that are obsolete with the pros? Pedro Barros: No, every trick the masters do are still young! It never gets old!

isTia.Tv: Inversely, are there very old tricks that were revived and that you are now using? Pedro Barros: I wish, but I still didn’t learn yet!

isTia.Tv: Can you spot a shadow in the dark skating a bowl and recognize who is it? Pedro Barros: Fuck Yeah!!!

isTia.Tv: What are the tricks that no Master can do? Pedro Barros: So many man. What about DP bs lay back reverse!!!

isTia.Tv: What’s better, a lot of tricks or a lot of lines with style? Pedro Barros: For sure the second one!

Personal Life                     .

isTia.Tv: Do you organize the day around skateboarding or around school? Pedro Barros: Man that’s the biggest interview I ever done in life!!!! I’m not in school now! Brazil doesn’t have home school, so I will let this for later!

isTia.Tv: A lot of skateboarders are vegetarians. Are you vegetarian? Pedro Barros: I go to the Physiotherapy every day to keep my body strong enough to handle what I do! I’m not vegetarian I’m a BBQ lover!

Sponsorships                   :

isTia.Tv: Who are your sponsors? Pedro Barros: Volcom, Red Bull, Vans, Evoke, Drop Dead, Indy, Pocket Pistols, G shock and Type S… They are who I desired all my life. I wanted to be sponsored by them and no others. Im lucky! They are the best!

isTia.Tv: One of your sponsors is Red Bull. It’s quite a big company, at least in the sense of how many people the company reaches. What do they ask you to do? We all know sometimes the image they want to display is different from the image Pedro Barros is displaying… Do they ask you to do things you don’t want to do? Pedro Barros: Red Bull is not what people think it is! They never asked me to do anything so far! For sure they try to reach more people than just skateboarders but they never asked me anything stupid! All they do is ask me what I want. Whatever I say, they help me to make it happen! Its funny but these days, Tampa skate park is sponsor by red bull, a lots of contesst around the world is made by Red bull, so I don’t think they are so out as they used to be.

isTia.Tv: If a very big company outside of the skateboarding industry would ask you to ride for them what would you do? Pedro Barros: Man, what I would not do is let any of my sponsors from the industry down. If a car maker or computer shit or whatever wants to support skate, then it’s ok for me. I won’t change for no one and that’s a fact! Skate is supposed to be for whoever wants it. I am democratic! Everyone has the right to do anything!

"I can’t just do contest, I like to do trips and don’t go to contest!" Pedro Barros. Well, this one trip was a
contest: the XGames and he won it... Photo Joshua Duplechain
The Future

isTia.Tv: How do you see the future of vert skateboarding? Pedro Barros: Hummmmmm they have to change the way they judge! They should go back to score lip tricks or some of the stylish air tricks like Alex Perelson fs melon! Otherwise is getting ugly with all the spin and flips!

isTia.Tv: Can one be excellent in vert and bowl at the same time, or is that impossible? Pedro Barros: Its not impossible. But to be excellent doesn’t mean win contest! Look to Rune or Alex, they are super excellent in vert and bowls!

After the skate jam, the music jam with Duane Peters (in the back) at the RTMF bowl in April 2012. 
isTia.Tv: Are vert and bowl going two different ways or are they going to evolve in the same direction? Pedro Barros: Bowl is getting all. Vert, street and bowl riders! Trany is getting really big and will get more and more. That’s the future of Skate board. It’s just for the fact that all the skateparks that has been build around the world its like that. Tranys, bowls and street! You get to learn all!

isTia.Tv: Something else you want to add? Pedro Barros: You wanna be a good skater, so please go learn the history of skateboard first. You get to know the pass to make the future! Can I go sleep now?

Thanks a lot Pedro!!!

Click here for the part one of Pedro Barros Interview

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