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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jam session with Duane Peters and Pedro Barros

Pedro Barros, Duane Peters and Marquinhos with a rad Jam Sesh. Photo Formiga ESPN Brazil
Jam session with Duane Peters and Pedro Barros

The ESPN post started like this: “I had the pleasure of attending an unforgettable jam session.” The post was talking about that jam session that happened in Pousada Hi Adventure just hours before the Red Bull Skate Generation in Florianópolis. But the sesh was not a skate sesh, it was a music sesh!!

The Pousada Hi Adventure was packed with skaters everywhere, as the Pousada is known worldwide for being one of the best skate hostel in the world, so the skate culture was prevalent. But as everyone saw the rain coming and ruining the skate session set up for both pros and amateur, Duane Peters asked for
Pedro Barros, Duane Peters and Marquinhos with a rad Jam Sesh. Photo Formiga ESPN Brazil
Pedro Barros:

"Let's play?"

"Yes let's go play!" Said Pedro.

Duane is in love with Brazil and in a forthcoming interview for isTia.Tv, Pedro Barros told us that Duane is now staying at Pedro’s house and he is not in a hurry to go back to the US.

One journalist was there during the sesh and ask if he could record the jam and Pedro said, "Sure."

Here is the rest of the story by Formiga, a journalist for ESPN Brazil…

We climbed the RTMF bowl which has a small studio, Duane Peters is a skater veteran of the punk rock era and is the symbol of a very special phase of the skate, he took a totally punk in sport in the U.S. and worldwide.

At this time in the late '70s, punk was a history of London, the photos came to us here in Brazil were through gringo magazines.

I remember a blond guy who was always adorned with a very unique look, leather pants and checkered tie with lots of attitude on the skateboard, associating style "fuck you" to the rad skate maneuvers.

Over 30 years later this guy comes to Brazil for the Red Bull Skate Generation, is undergoing a season here, loved the island of Santa Catarina and the friends he made.
Duane is multi-instrumentalist and leader of the American band U. S. Bombs in the music session was synchronized with the band giving a RTMF. I saw Kakinho amateur skateboarder and guitarist, Marquinho Feijó video maker against the official RTMF down Pedro Barros professional skater and world champion Duane Peters on vocals and Andre Barros in place of the battery.

Read more on ESPN Brazil

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, April 11, 2012 


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