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Thursday, April 19, 2012

La Couple Au Bowl: Amiens

La Coupe Au Bowl, bowl riding, Amiens, France
Who will be King of Bowl 2012? The sixth "La Coupe Au Bowl" at Amiens look forward to seeing you at the Grand Marais Park (80) for a huge jam session / contest that brings together all the skateboarders of all generations well beyond the borders of Picardy (acounty in the north of France).

Who wants to come,
 Who wants to ride,
Who wants to have fun ...
 Long live the Cup Bowl! 

The Coupe Au Bowl 2012 will be held at Amiens, France on May, 8th 2012!

REMINDER: The principle of the bowl Cup 2012

This is a session-compete 100% DIY takes place every year on May 8 at Amiens bowl (80).

Who wants to come, who wants to ride, everyone assumes what he does when he wants to ride (it is not at grandma) ... In short it is in the same spirit that Twine Picardes for those who know but release curves. DIY it means that it's every move ... Everyone who is involved. It is not in a classic contest such Federal, jersey, etc. ... Why roll the bowl of Amiens? Provided you have a suitable gear and love of the curve, what is more fun than riding, having fun with all his mates in the sun Picard? How to enroll, how much does it cost? No need to register, judges identify the riders present, I speak of those who ride of course, those who send, not posers. Delivery of prizes / awards / after ... Namely it is not uncommon for the session ends much much later. Who remembers the catamarans compete on the river gliding? (and we speak not of aperitifs ...)

Sponsors and Partners

Amienskate (the skateboard club Amiens) and, Kif Flip skateshop (skateshop Amiens), FTBX - Sk8picardie (portal skateboarding Picard), Converse, Element, Soma, Workshop 2, Mabasi. Each skater is also a partner in either ...


Open to all riders whatever their level for a run in the skatepark ... Beware of the snake ... It is recommended to drop the platform. The judges will record the best impartials cad ... the most daring, the carvers to donf, risk taking, the style of the rider of curves, paths, imagination to elect for the 2012 season the sixth King of the Bowl.

"Please, no mini-ramp style, you are in a bowl, use any spot, find the lines!"

Log on to La Coupe Au Bowl website for more information. 

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, April 19, 2012 


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