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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pedro Barros Interview, Part One

Pedro Barros is unbeatable. He is not the only Brazilian to be on top. Think about it... 
Maybe you should learn Portuguese to be able to compete with all of them...
Interview with Pedro Barros: Part One

Well, things are not always what they seem to be. I though Pedro Barros was a contest beast, training every day to land #1 in contests around the world, turns out that it’s exactly the contrary. Even if Pedro Barros is the #1 World Cup Skateboarding (WCS) champ, he aims more at fun than fame. He is the best bowl skater in the world but for him, surfing is as important as skateboarding and he is ready to disappear in the middle of a contest to take the plane to go to a surf sesh in a secluded beach of Latin America because the forecast predicted perfect waves. He is ready to skip a contest just because he
"I just skate! That’s my life; it’s what I do every day!" Pedro Barros
feels so, or because he wants others to get a piece of the pie too.

Forget about his skateboarding skills, Pedro Barros was born from Andre Barros with surfing in his blood. His bond with famed Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina is notorious. And although they never met, Pedro and Gabriel respect each other a lot and talk on Twitter. There is definitively an affinity. Andre, Pedro and Gabriel Medina thrive on an endless summer way of life, filled with waves, concrete bowls, awards, fans and fame…

Pedrinho doesn’t even remember when he started to skate, but soon he won the gold medal at the very first XGames he entered as a pro and subsequently won the Bowl-A-Rama in Bondi, the Bowl-A-Rama in New Zealand, The Protec Pool Party and most contests he was in. Before that, he had already picked up two medals in the X Games contest as an amateur in 2008 and 2009.

In 2009, he ranked fifth in Megaramp held in Brazil, and made history as the youngest athlete to participate in the final. And in 2012, Pedro Barros has won all the bowl contests he entered (if you remove the Oi Vert Jam where he finished #2 at the qualifiers and was never able to prove his strength because the final was cancelled and the Florida Bowl contest where he left before the final).

Let alone Brazil, he is considered the greatest promise of bowl and vertical skateboarding in the world. He is pointed out by many as the successor of Sandro Dias and Bob Burnquist and as the main representative of the country in skateboarding but he actually might even be the next Cab, DP or Hosoi... The next 20 years will be great for Pedro Barros...

Interview with Pedro Barros I Skate Therefore I Am / April 2012

isTia.Tv: When did you start skateboarding? Pedro Barros: I just know what my dad told me, as I was only 11 month when I really started to play with a skateboard and I never stopped! My dad’s best friend is a pro skater

isTia.Tv: How old are you? Is that a secret? Pedro Barros: No, why would be. 17 born in 16 of March 1995

isTia.Tv: How many bowls do you have around Florianopolis? Pedro Barros: Just 2

"Man, what I would not do is let any of my sponsors from the industry down. If a car maker or computer shit 
or whatever wants to support skate, then it’s ok for me. I won’t change for no (sponsor) and that’s a fact!"
Pedro Barros April 13, 2012
isTia.Tv: How many bowl riders are there in Brazil? Pedro Barros: 100 maybe at the moment, but bowl riding is growing really fast…

isTia.Tv: How many bowl riders are there in Florianopolis? Pedro Barros: 20 maybe

isTia.Tv: When was your bowl built? Pedro Barros: First one in 1997 and the one in my back yard in December 2008…

isTia.Tv: Is it a pool or a bowl? Pedro Barros: It’s a Bowl. It is just a little one. Like a pool, with 5’shalow and 7 foot deep square part and 9’the over vert little thing

RTMF Bowl "It’s a Bowl. It is just a little one. Like a pool, with 5’shalow and 7 foot deep square part and 9’the 
over vert little thing" Pedro Barros. Photo Miguel Zaffari from Allan Mesquita Blog
isTia.Tv: Who decided the shape of the bowl? Pedro Barros: Leo Kakinho designed but everyone from RTMF put some ideas too…

isTia.Tv: So, what is the genesis of RTMF? Pedro Barros: RTMF is Rio Tavares Mother Fuckers. It’s a community of friends that been together for almost 20 years. My father and they friends moved up to this suburb call Rio Tavares when it was no one living around. They build the half pipe and then the bowl. They all surf, they got married, had kids like me and Vi Kakinho so the community grows put big. Everyone here skates, surfs, play music, a lots of them are artist… The RTMF resume in a Life Style dream!

"My father and their friends moved up to this suburb call Rio Tavares when there was no one living around. They
 build  the half pipe and then the bowl. They all surf, they got married, had kids like me and Vi Kakinho so the
 community grow big. Everyone here skates, surfs, play music, a lot of them are artists… 
The RTMF can be summed up in a Life Style dream!" Photo Andre Barros
isTia.Tv: When did you coin the name? Pedro Barros: That was a dude from US which was owner of the Happy Mag. He came here and he saw our life style and one day in a party he said that, This is the Rio Tavares Mother Fuckers!

isTia.Tv: How long ago did you create the RTMF group? Pedro Barros: The name RTMF came in 2005, but the community is been here since 1997

isTia.Tv: Apart from Ron Gomes, who else has a ramp and/or a backyard pool in Brazil? Pedro Barros: Mauro Mureta!

Contests .

isTia.Tv: The Florida Bowlriders and the Manly Beach are not part of the WCS pro circuit but still you are going to
Pedro Barros during the Dew Tour. Phto Lee Leal Embassy skateboards
those events. What is pushing you to fly to the other side of the word just to be with your friends? Pedro Barros: I was in Australia for the Bowl A Rama and Manly Beach was before. If I was there, why not! All my friends were doing it and also the guy who organized it does good stuff so I decided to do it! Now, Florida I like to go because its fun and I wanna take Vi Kakinho (Leo son and my friend since ever) for the am division as it is put gnarly.

isTia.Tv: Are you participating in other events that are not on the WCS schedule? Pedro Barros: In Brazil it’s important to be good in Ranking, as the skate industry here is not strong enough so all you get is results to prove to your sponsors that you are good! Also Red Bull likes the good performance so I will try to get 1st in ranking again this year.

isTia.Tv: What happened during the Florida bowlrider cup? You participated the first two days and then disappeared on Sunday… Pedro Barros: It’s just because I had to go to Nicaragua for surf trip with my dad.

isTia.Tv: What happened to the Orange Cup in Marseille last year? You were in France in the Basque Country and you never made it to the Marseilles Bowl contest. You went directly to Copenhagen and Nicky Guerrero contest. What happened? Pedro Barros: The thing is, I was there in Europe doing footage and that was in May and early June just after the protec. I can’t just do contest, I like to do trips and don’t go to contest!

isTia.Tv: Do you plan to go to the Marseille contest this year? Pedro Barros: I will try, I have some friends over there and I would love to go and visit this place. The contest is another situation! The prize money is too small! It’s not about me making the money, but other skaters need to make a little bit to survive skating. If I go there I can take money from someone who needs more than I do. It’s not fair! When is a big money prize, more people make money so I can go and not feel I’m the only one making money!

"Just one message : You wanna be a good skater, so please go learn the history of skateboard first. 
You need to know the past to make the future!" Pedro Barros. Photo Lee Leal Embassy Skateboards

isTia.Tv: When is your next trip in Europe? Pedro Barros: Europe is one of my favorite places to go! I loved so much Spain!!! I still have to visit so many places! For sure I will go to CPH pro as I did last year and I loved so much!

isTia.Tv: How did you prepare to win the gold medal at the 2010 X-Games ? Pedro Barros: It’s no preparation! I just skate! That’s my life; it’s what I do every day!

isTia.Tv: When did you realize you were about to win the 2010 XGames? Pedro Barros: I saw what everyone was doing and I realized that I could do something that could be better score!

isTia.Tv: You were 2nd in the qualifying event at the Oi vert Jam. Is that because you were

Pedro Barros is unbeatable. Beyond padless is barefoot and the vid shows a padless and barefoot Pedro barros in his bowl. Unfortunately, the English language  doesn't have a word to describe how sick this is...
keeping your tricks for the final? Pedro Barros: I always keep the best for last, but it’s hard to win the Oi Vert Jam! Marcelo Bastos and all the rest are gnarly! I still need to learn a lot of tricks over the vert ramp!

isTia.Tv: Were you disillusioned when the rain started dripping during the Oi Vert Jam? Pedro Barros: Not really, the event wasn’t my vibe anyway! I am really not the person that cares about winning contest. It’s more about I’ll do my best and be better for myself! I didn’t think that I could win!

isTia.Tv: You have won every contest you have done in 2012 so far, so everybody is watching you for the Combi

"No pressure, if I win the Combi, it’s going to be fucking great, but if not, it’s totally ok! I won before and that was my
 dream, now whatever happens its good! I just don’t wanna get hurt! The Combi is the gnarliest contest of all!  Easy to
 get hurt! So many guys can win. Nolan, Alex, Rune, Bucky, Omar, Josh, Bob, every one of these  guys can win! 
So, nobody is pushing me! They wanna see me winning, but this is more about friendship than anything else!"
Protec Pool Party. Do you feel there is a lot of pressure on you because of that? Pedro Barros: No pressure, if I win it’s going to be fucking great, but if not, it’s totally ok! I won before and that was my dream, now whatever happens its good! I just don’t wanna get hurt! The Combi is the gnarliest contest of all! Put easy to get hurt! There are so many guys that can win. Nolan, Alex, Rune, Bucky, Omar, Josh, Bob, every one of these guys can win! So, nobody is pushing me! They wanna see me winning, but this is more about friendship than anything else!

isTia.Tv: Is winning the Combi Protec a big deal? Pedro Barros: Yes for sure! It’s the biggest bowl contest for sure!
Like a human rocket: re-entry into the RTMF bowl. Even Duane Peters is
stoked. Red Bull Skate Generation, April 2012.  Photo Pablo Vaz
isTia.Tv: What will happen if you lose the Protec? Pedro Barros: Kkkkk I don’t give a fuck! It’s just another contest!

isTia.Tv: What is the most prestigious contest of the year, the only one you can't lose? Pedro Barros: The most prestigious is Protec pool party, but I can lose it for sure. It’s weird how much question about winning or contest! I was 11 month when I start to skate; this is part of my life. Skateboard it’s almost like another part of my body. I have so much fun when I skate and winning or not won’t change anything!
Red Bull Skate Generation

isTia.Tv: When did you decide to start doing contest at your RTMF bowl? Wasn’t the very first Skate Generation organized at the Pousada Hi Adventure? Pedro Barros: I think you have the wrong info. The first skate generation was in the same place (the RTMF bowl). I did participate and my team won. My level was behind 2 years!

isTia.Tv: How many contest have you done at the RTMF Bowl? Pedro Barros: I think these questions should be to my father! I haven’t organized any of these. It’s all him! But we only had few, I think 4!

isTia.Tv: What happen to Otavio Neto during the Red Bull Contest? Was he badly hurt? Pedro Barros: No he was ok! Otavio is incredible! He takes the biggest slam all the time, but his is so strong!!!

isTia.Tv: The team led by Duane peters did not win, however, Duane made a stir and people have been talking about his achievement at the Skate Generation contest ever since. How did you see him during the contest? Is he an example for Old Schoolers? Pedro Barros: He is my favorite of all! He is still here skating; he didn’t wanna go back to US! I can’t believe that guy exists! He is my hero! 50 years old and we are skate together every day! How can he handle it, I don’t know! For every session he goes hard as it’s his last day of skate! Man, this guy should been the master of the masters!!!!

In Brazil, to have a perfect structure for skateboarding is a privilege of a
few skaters. Photo Pablo Vaz
isTia.Tv: During and after the contest, the Brazilian media did not stop talking about Christian Hosoi. How big is Hosoi in Brazil? How did you feel being in the same team as Christian Hosoi and being able to win with him? Pedro Barros: Hosoi is put big here! People know how he was important for the skate to be as it is! If people skate with style, it is because he made that happen! He showed people back in the day, that style was the most important thing in skate! When I was just a little kid, I saw all the footage of Hosoi, and for every big air I was wondering that for me in the future! It was a blessing to have him in my team.

isTia.Tv: How was Christian Hosoi with you? Pedro Barros: We skate together many times before, it was just another session!

isTia.Tv: How did you feel having all those skateboarding starts and masters coming from overseas to your own backyard pool and spend a couple of days with you? Pedro Barros: Magic! It’s like a pay back! I have been going to US for many years and everyone always treated me and my family super good! Having them in my house was a little bit of pay back for what they had done for me all those years!

isTia.Tv: Was it a contest or a pool party between friends? Pedro Barros: Totally pool party!

isTia.Tv: How is the Skate Generation different from other contests? Pedro Barros: The party, the vibe with no individual responsibility!

isTia.Tv: How is Skate Generation graded for WCS points? Pedro Barros: There was kind of two contests. One was individual division which we score for the ranking. Done and then we had the team which was formed based on the individual results.

isTia.Tv: What did you need to do to get the accreditation from the WCS for the Skate Generation? Pedro Barros: They know my father, they know me and they knew what was coming! For sure this is one of the top events in the world! RTMF is a place that a lot people want to be what make it all easy!

"Man, that’s the biggest interview I ever done in life!!!!"
Pedro Barros April 13, 2012 Photo by Unknown
isTia.Tv: You had to refuse spectators at the last red Bull Skate Generation event. What happened? Can you explain?… Pedro Barros: Sure. Like anywhere in the world we have a limited space. We cannot fit the 4 million skaters we have in Brazil in a place where just fit 2000.

isTia.Tv: The next stage of the WCS circuit will be May 12 - the traditional ProTec Pool Party in the Combi Pool in Orange County California. How far in advance will you arrive to train at the Combi? Pedro Barros: I only going to be there on the 3rd of May, but I will do some other stuff first. I will try to do sessions every day at the week of the contest! Everyone it’s going to be there and the sessions will be on fire!

isTia.Tv: Tell me how different organizers are organizing the big contest (WCS, Bowl-A-Rama, Dew, etc…). Do they have a different organization? Pedro Barros: All I can say is when my father do any skate contest he make sure the skaters are the most important thing! That’s it!

It's not over. Read here Pedro Barros Interview Part II.

Disclaimer: isTia.Tv is making every effort to give credits to the right photographers. If you feel a picture has been credited to the wrong photographer, or that has no credit, drop us a line or a comment below.

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