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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pousada Hi Adventure with Tershy and Peters

Raven Tershy and Duane Peters at the Pousada Hi Adventure
Skateboarding News: Shredding the Pousada Hi Adventure

It seems that not one day pass since a new video from the Red Bull Skate Generation pops up. This time, the vid was not done at the contest, but before the contest at one of the best bowls in Brazil...

Raven Tershy and Duane Peters, two of the most insane shredders on 4 wheels warmed up the Pousada Hi Adventure red bowl barefooted in Florianopolis, Brazil before the Red Bull Skate Generation. Then, Milton Martinez and Rodolfo Ramos heated it up at night for the free beer session. .

The Bowl at Pousada Hi Adventure
Situated right next to Praia Joaquina; one of the best beaches on Florianopolis's eastern shore; Pousada Hi Adventure lives up to its name, catering mostly to surfers and extreme athletes who flock to the island in droves in the summer. Accommodations are rustic but charming -- expect to spend an afternoon or two napping in one of the hammocks set up around the inn. Enthusiasts for the outdoors will enjoy the space's open, airy feel and wooden architectural accents. Room service, a full bar, and a pool will also please those who aren't spending their day on the waves.

And of course, there is a red bowl that is considered one of the best bowls in Brazil and that has been riden by the best skaters in the world including Tony Alva, Bob Burnquist, Christian Hosoi, Marcelo Kosake, WCS Dave Duncan and Pedro Barros (who lives a couple of block away...)...

If you're ever down in Florianopolis, Brazil hit up the Pousada Hi Adventure and you won't be disappointed...

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, April 08, 2012 


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