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Friday, April 27, 2012

Protec Pool Party 2012: early practice

Protec Pool Party 2012, Tony Hawk, Daniel Cuervo, Salba
Protec Pool Party 2012, Tony Hawk, Daniel Cuervo, Salba
Two generations of skaters: Daniel Cuervo's goal is to beat Pedro Barros. Eventually... He is pushing it to the limits and has masterd the art of finding lines and mixing them with jawdropping tricks and huge airs. Tony Hawk was there to stay in shape... 
Protec Pool Party 2012, Tony Hawk, Daniel Cuervo, Salba
Daniel Cuervo. Looking more and more like a crow flying over the darkness of the round pool
On May 12, 2012, Vans and Protec, with the help of World Cup Skateboarding are organizing the 8th Protec Pool Party at the only remaining Vans skatepark in the USA: The one at The Block, Orange, CA, just know among skateboarders as “# The Playground”. At first look, things are changing this year. Outside of the skatepark, workers just finished installing a giant poster praising the 20th plus year of Cab with Vans and the 20th year of the Half Cab. Inside, the concrete bowl that was resurfaced only 2 years ago has big cracks everywhere. But it’s only a cosmetic nuisance, not a technical one. So far, when you skate inside the Combi Bowl, not only you don’t feel those cracks but the concrete is smoother than your girlfriend’s skin… The Combi is regularly washed to avoid dust settling and if by bad luck your wheels get all dusty, you still have a couple of magic carpets pinned to the walls where
Protec Pool Party 2012, Tony Hawk, Daniel Cuervo, Salba
Steve Alba's nickmane should not be Salba but rubberman
you can smoothly scratch your wheels.

Two weeks before the Protec Pool Party and there is still not a lot of activity inside the skatepark. Not yet. The Combi will be closed to the undesirable eyes and cameras for ten days before the contest, starting April 1st. That’s when things start to heat up and when skaters will arrive from everywhere in the globe to fight for the $113,000 prize purse that is offered this year.

I was at the Combi today and we were not a lot of skaters. The first hour, it was just me and Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk is the kind of guy that is rather happy go lucky, tweeting after each run and letting me skate more than him. Then Daniel Cuervo arrived after taking his time with a big breakfast at Subway. Daniel is one of the most consistent skaters I know and includes powered tricks in his shrewd lines. Eventually, Salba showed up with a friend. Now, Salba is better than before. I have always been amazed at how he spends timeless efforts in stretching all his muscles. I have watched it over the past years and today I was amazed at how his body can stretch and curl for extensive period of time. If the Protec Pool Party was all about how flexible your body can be, he would definitively land at the top of the podium…

 The Combi Pool Party is barely starting, stay connected…

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, April 27, 2012 


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