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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Qualifiers of the Red Bull Skate Generation 2012

The qualifiers of the Red Bull Skate Generation 2012, which ended on Saturday were used to define the teams that will participate in the final of the competition, which takes place this Sunday starting at 14h (at 2pm, LOCAL TIME). Among the ninety subscribers, only twenties got the job and unite now in five teams of four members (an amateur, a pro, a master and a legend).

Remember that the live stream is due at 2pm local time in Brazil.

Due to the high technical level, big names in the sport ended up outside, for example, the Norwegian Rune Glifberg. First place in the Pro category, Pedro Barros joins Felipe “Foguinho", Leo Kakinho and Christian Hossoi in one of the teams that are already identified as the title favorite.

Before the event, Pedro Barros said he “would like to compete with Leo and the Christian and thankfully, I fell on their team. Surely it would be a more responsibility walking along with my idols, but more than that, it will be a great joy"

The competition is sponsored by Citroën and Vans, Volcom's co-sponsorship and support Evoke and Drop Dead. The final will be broadcast LIVE on isTia.Tv starting at 2pm.

After the jump, meet the teams that will participate in the final of the Red Bull Skate Generation:

Time 1

Felipe Caltabiano “Foguinho”
Pedro Barros
Léo Kakinho
Christian Hosoi

Time 2

Alex Sorgente
Nathan Bec “Jimmy”
Mauro Mureta
Duane Peters

Time 3

Raul Roger Barracho
Sandro Dias “Mineirinho”
Jeff Grosso

Time 4

Murilo Feitosa
Omar Hassan
Eduardo Braz
Marco Aurélio “Jeff”

Time 5

Vinicius Barbosa “Vi Kakinho”
Marcelo Kosake
Cristiano Mateus
Luis Roberto Formiga


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, April 01, 2012 


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