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Monday, April 30, 2012

Tom Schaar lands a live 1080, wins the Asian X Games in Shanghai

Tom Schaar landed the first ever 1080 on a skateboard during competition at Kia X Games 2012 in Shanghai, China.
Tom Schaar lands a 1080 during the Asian X-Games 2012
X Games 2012 results: Tom Schaar Lands a live 1080 and wins the X Games
Tom Scharr lands a live 1080 during the Asian X-Games and wins the games. Photo courtesy WCS

The 2012 X Games Asia kicked off yesterday. It is organized by the World Cup Skateboarding body and being held at the KIC Jiangwan Sports Centre in Yangpu and will run through Tuesday, May 1st. While there were no finals competitions on day one, there was still plenty to see. The Moto X crew demoed their Big Air freestyle competition. There were elimination rounds for aggressive inline, skateboard and BMX street. The biggest draw, however, was the Mini-Mega Ramp that showed off high flying skateboard antics to the sizable crowd that set up camp. The activities don't stop at simply spectator sports though. There is a climbing wall, mini-futsal field, DJ stage, shopping area and even a miniaturized street course if you want to show off your own alternative sport skills. Bring your camera and be ready to jockey for position: there are a surprising amount of elderly people with massive cameras that probably cost more than your rent this year.

Tom Schaar is the winner of the Asian X-Games. He landed live a 1080 in Shangai and beat skateboarder twice his age.
In a facebook post Neil hendrix said: "I'm competing with Tom Schaar and Michie Brusco at X Games Asia today in Shanghai. If you add Tom age plus Mitchie's age and add another Tom onto that you get Neal's age."

Compared to the first 1080 Tom Scharr landed, this time he was on the MegaRamp 2.0, which is almost half the size of the Woodward MegaRamp, making it that much harder to get the amplitude needed to pull the three rotations. Not only did Tom land a 1080 in the final, but also landed two 900s. His score for the 1080- a 50- was the highest score possible for the Mega 2.0 event.

Landing in 2nd place was Bob Burnquist, and despite injuries pulled some amazing tricks during the final, including a back 7.
The X-Games is a contest organized by the World Cup Skateboarding

X-Games Asia 2012 results

‎1. Tom Schaar $8000 USD
2. Bob Burnquist $4500
3. Ronaldo Gomes $2375
4. Andy Macdonald $1250
5. Elliot Sloan $1000
6. Danny Mayer $900
7. Mitchell Brusco $800
8. Marcelo Bastos $700
9. Pierre Gagnon $600
10. Edgard Pereiera $500

Stay tuned for more results, this is an unfolding story
Remaining schedule: Sunday, April 29 BMX Vert Finals 11:30am - 12:30pm Opening Ceremony 1 - 1:30pm AIL Street Finals 1:45 - 3:00 pm FMX Demo 3 - 3:30pm Skateboard Vert Elims 4 - 5:30pm Monday, April 30 AIL Vert Finals 11:30am - 12:30pm FMX Demo 12:45 - 1:15om Skateboard Mini-Mega Finals 1:45 - 3pm FMX Demo 3 - 3:30pm BMX Street Finals 4 - 5:15pm FMX Demo 5:15 - 5:45pm Tuesday, May 1 BMX Mini Mega Finals 12:15 - 1:30pm Skateboard Vert Finals 2 - 3pm FMX Demo 3 - 3:30pm Skateboard Street Finals 4 - 5:15pm

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, April 30, 2012 


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