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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Venice Skatepark Graffiti Removal

Venice Skatepark Graffiti Removal
Venice Skatepark
Skateboarding News: Venice Skatepark Graffiti Removal with Jesse Martinez

Venice Skatepark is one of the best bowls ever. It is also the jewel of Venice after a fight and thanks to the VSA that fought nearly a dacade to have the park open.

No wonder after so much time, the VSA wants to keep the pask pristine and the only reason Venice Skatepark stays graffiti free is because of the VSA that brings volunteers everyday to monitor and clean it.

This is a video set up by Juice magazine with the VSA. Juice Mag is just a couple of blocks away from the park and they got the visit from Adam, a guy from World’s Best Graffiti Removal who came to Venice to show the VSA the easiest way to keep the park graffiti free.

Every day the volunteers in Venice lead by Jesse Martinez clean the park and keep it ride-able. World’s Best Graffiti Removal products literally shave hours of work off of the removal of graffiti. Their products are like magic. Here is a demonstration from Adam.

Thanks to Juice Magazine and Dan Levy for the video.

You can contribute to the VSA and help out the effort to keep the Venice Skatepark Clean at

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, April 08, 2012 


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