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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Who invented pool skateboarding?

Who invented pool skateboarding?
Benton Shakely, A Day At The Pool
Who invented pool skateboarding?
What the f***k is that?????

Who invented pool and bowl skateboarding? I know you all know the answer. Are you sure? So, who’s not telling the truth? You better check this video, sounds like you’ll be surprised…

A Day At The Pool sheds new light on the story of skateboarding's history and particularly calls into question the validity of Stacy Peralta's 2001 documentary, Dog Town and Z-Boys. Legendary skateboarders Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and Peralta himself are interviewed and an intentionally hidden secret is uncovered.

Benton Shakely, A Day At The Pool
Who is Benton Shakely?
So, who the f***k invented pool skateboarding? Who is that Benton Shakely every body is talking about? Why is Stacy Peralta listed in the credits if he is so pissed off? Is that a hoax? Anyway, if you are around Los Angeles, there is a screening at the Newport Beach festival on May 2 and the webpage of A Day At The Pool shows the screening of the mockumemtary all over the us.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, April 21, 2012 


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