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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zumiez Announces 2012 Couch Tour Dates

Zumiez Announces 2012 Couch Tour Dates
Last year, while the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Finals took over Couch Tour at Minneapolis, 17 of the United States' best and brightest skateboarders battling for the top spots crawled from across the land to put on quite a show on the Zumiez course. The competition was stiff and even with the heat index topping out at 108 degrees, these skilled rippers had nothing but love for skateboarding.
The top dudes in the nation took no prisoners. Dudes like Julian Christianson, Pip Meranto. Miles Silvas, Dominique Goings and Antonio Massey were out for the kill. These monsters ripped and tore like there was no tomorrow. Making it into third place was Antonio with a cab to back lip down the hubba and a bunch of insane flips down the big gap. Storming into second was Miles Silvas. His shredding madness included a bigspin front board and a kickflip back lip down the rail. Taking the cake was Julian Christianson of Denver. Julian made short work of the course with tricks like switch noseblunts, switch tail 270 out and kickflip front 50s down the rail.
Zumiez Couch Tour
The first stop of the Couch tour will be in Seattle, Washington on May 26
This year, the Zumiez tour is ready to rock’n’roll again. Obviously, the first stop of the tour will be in Seattle, Washington. It is expected to be hot other there on May 26, 2012. Especially since word has it that that the Plan B Skate Team will be on tap at the first stop in Seattle. Therefore, all you P-Rod, T-Pud and Sheckler fans may want to clear your calendars now just to be on the safe side. From Seattle, it's off to Portland, Oregon on May 28th. In June the tour will really get ripping with 10 stops planned, including ones in New York and Pennsylvania. All the tour stops are free and the winning skaters get a chance to compete at the X Games 18 in Los Angeles. It also doesn't hurt that the stops typically involve tons of skate gear giveaways, opportunities to meet the pros, get autographs. The tour is also bringing sick concerts too. You can check out all the dates for yourself on the tour's website.

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