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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Backyard Pool Party with Raven Tershy and Jake Phelps

Backyard Pool Party outside of sacramento by Thrasher Mag
Raven Tershy - Image from Thtasher Magazine Website
Pool Riding is sacro-saint now

OK, there's another one (a Pool Party video) from the Thrasher Magazine website. Seems like when F-P- Sone, Ryan McWhirter, Sean Gutierrez, Jake Phelps, Damian Petros and Raven Tershy decide to go shred a pool, there is some action going on. This one was hidden in some part of SacTown, the capital of Northren California. Take a look at 1:48 there is is the most perfect 5-0 stall ever...

Yep, like Thrasher says: "When the boys leave town, it's time to rip. Up to Sac for a backyard pool party." Concrete is the best thing after blood...

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, May 08, 2012 


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