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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chez Claude, DIY Skateboarding in France

DIY Bowl Riding in France
Gui, Chez Claude. Photo Matthieu Gasc

Chez Claude, DIY Bowl Riding in France

It makes no doubt that bowl riding is riding a wave of success (pun intended, of course… ). France is the latest country where the bowl riders have finally awaken from a long winter. Several decades, actually. The new bowl of Vassiviere is the perfect example of a tremendous design and success, even before the bowl is open. Vassiviere will open on July 7th with an old school contest. The FOSSJ that is. Others who don’t have a municipality to foot in the costs are doing DYI construction. In the last installment on the Confuzine website, Nico Barbe and Mathieu Gasc are telling us the story which is, as they say, “A great classic!” The story goes like this: “Everything began two years ago, with a lack of any curves in our city we decided to take our fate into our own hands and build our own spot! For that it was necessary for us to find a good place! A few kilometers later, in an old caterpillar factory in the outskirts of the city we found what would make for a good, chill spot. We had the place where we would being the “Chez Claude” adventure.” Read the rest of the story on the Confuzine website

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, May 22, 2012 


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