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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Far'N High 2012 Results

Far'N High 2012
Leticia Bufoni landed #1 at the 2012 edition of Far'N High
Far'N High 2012 Results

The weekend of May 26th at Villiers sur Orge (close to Paris, France) was the 2012 edition of the Far'N High 2012 contest (Far'n'High Eurocup Pro/Am Skateboard Contest). For this 5th edition, (yes, already) there was a brand new park, an impeccable Livecast, a lot of crazy European skaters, but it is an American who wins.

The video above shows a few highlights from a long day of qualifiers at the Far N' High contest in Paris. Scott Decenzo shocked the crowd with switch bs lip the big rail first try,Tyson Bowerbank prevailed after an incredible final and a series of 360 all over the place. He even did a 540. The best trick of the weekend is probably his BS flip 540...

This year the Far'N High 2012 was a stop in the World Cup Skateboarding (WCS), which means that many of the skate chmaps from worldwide came to ignite the skatepark of Villiers on Orges.

Far'N High 2012 Results Men
1 Tyson Bowerbank
2 Keldan Karsten
3 Kelvin Hoefler
4 Kilian Zehnder
5 Axel Cruysberghs

Far'N High 2012 Results Girls
1 Leticia Bufoni
2 Aura Bredart
3 Candy Jacobs
4 Emma Fastesson
5 Julia Bruckler


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, May 27, 2012 


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