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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In A Gadda D'Arvada

The new skatepark at Arvada
The development and planning of the skate park has involved considerable public input. The skate park development
 committee has worked for almost five years to complete the vision for the development of the skate park.
In A Gadda D'Arvada

One day in 1972, a friend from the beach rolled up to 12-year-old Tim Payne's house in Orlando on a wooden water ski he'd converted into a skateboard. "He made it sound fun," Mr. Payne recalled, "and the next day I was building one of my own."

Tim Payne has been building skate parks for over 30 years. After building for fun in his backyard in the 70's, for skating contests in the 80's, and for MTV's Jackass in 90's, he now builds municipal skate parks for today's young skaters.

Unfortunately, Florida is flat.
So they had to improvise, scavenging construction sites for materials, screwing plywood into the sides of stores at the shopping center and riding up and down the walls. They found ideas in skater magazines.

As skateboarding grew, from suburban pockets of punk-rock kids scraping up empty pools and parking lots to a multibillion-dollar industry, Mr. Payne evolved into a world-class ramp builder. He saw things nobody else could. In 1987, for a video called "The Search for Animal Chin," Mr. Payne built a spine ramp, which stitched together two wide "pools" into a curvy "W" shape, with a platform in the middle. The video became a cult film, and every skateboarder immediately wanted to ride his ramp. Today, his 15-year-old Team Pain, based in an office park in Winter Springs, Fla., is the go-to company for cities that crave skate parks built by actual skaters. Mr. Payne, 52, has overseen 250 of them.

June 2nd Grind for Life will Have A Booth Set Up at The Grand Opening Of Arvada Skatepark. Stop By and Say Hello you might see Mike McGill, Tim Payne and Andy McDonald... Thank You for Your Help and Support in Helping People with Cancer Who are traveling A Long Way for Treatment .

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, May 22, 2012 


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