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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pat Ngoho: Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012 profile

"The soul of skateboarding and the reason why I have skated for so long is for the expression and the thrill. 
Everyday you can try something new,skate somewhere fresh, and when you're skating fast flying around 
in a pool or a park it really is fun – nothing like it." Pat Ngoho at Vans May 2012.
Pat Ngoho: Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012 profile

Pat Ngoho is a professional skateboarder, an artist and a curator based in Venice Beach. He was born and raised in West Los Angeles, mainly Venice and Culver City.

In the late 70’s, he met various members of the infamous Dogtown Crew and became a significant part of the ensuing generations. As a small kid his first board had clay rock hard wheels and almost overnight someone developed the urethane wheel. About the evolution from clay to urethane he says: that “it was like going from the horse and buggy to the automobile. The technology of the wheels were revolutionary, the whole experience was new and far better; it seemed that about every three months something new within skating would come along and blow the doors off. “

He eventually became pro skateboarder and traveled extensively, while simultaneously receiving a BA Degree in art from Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles.

Traveling became an obsession for him and places he was unable to visit via skateboarding he would go on his own, traveling to Brazil, Haiti, Iran, Turkey and India to name just a few.
As an artist he was frustrated with much of his early work and destroyed many pieces, Pat recounts, "It took me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin, I still don't. I destroy less today but I still struggle with my paintings". His work ranges from large scale abstracts to conceptual identity pieces.

"As a small kid my first board had clay rock hard wheels and almost overnight 
someone developed the urethane wheel;it was like going from the horse 
and buggy to the automobile." Pat Ngoho during Protec Pool Party Practice 2012.
With co-partners Steve Olson and Lance Mountain; He cofounded the Love and Guts Art show, an art show highlighting skateboarding's influence and ongoing creative expression within popular culture by focusing on key members who were a part of skateboarding's creative odyssey.

Recalling the story of the Z-Boys, he said in an interview for MadeByMany, an Australia magazine: “As a kid, that was my whole life and it was something that I was attracted to from a very young age. Now in retrospect I understand what a strong cultural movement went down. There were so many things that aligned and ripened at one point – modern surfing, Surf Rats, Mexican and other street gangs, artists, poets and skateboarders. Skaters were a fledgling young group that had a primed blank canvas and with style and cool wrote a new chapter in American history – you could feel it and taste it.

He finished 1st at the X-games in the Bowl section in 2008, 7th in 2009 and 6th in 2010. He also He occasionally skates on the World Cup of Skateboarding Tour and he he used to compete at the World Cup Skateboarding contests around the world and especially the Pro-Tec Pool Party.

Pat Ngoho is sponsored by Addidas, Oakley and Indy. Hemostly skates at venice skatepark with Christian Hosoi and Bennet Harada and he will compete at the next Pro-Tec Pool Party as a master. 

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, May 10, 2012 


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