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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pedro Barros Video Interview

Pedro barros Video Interview
Pedro Barros at Pro-Tec Pool Party
Pedro Barros Video Interview

Pedro Barros came to the skateboard scene a few years ago only and has blazed a path of destruction in the world of skateboarding ever since. He has won almost every contest in 2012 and his last win was the Pro-tec Pool Party 2012. In his hometown of Florianopolis, Brazil, he trains in his own backyard bowl and vert ramp with the RTMF crew. At 17, Barros is light-years ahead of his time and is just now coming into his own. When the dust settled on the Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012 and the scores were tallied, Pedro Barros was the one who edged out Rune Glifberg and Bucky Lasek to take top honors and walk away with the $28,000 check.

To celebrate his victory, Alli just released this Q&A video where you can see him rippin’ pools and bowls everywhere.

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