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Monday, May 14, 2012

Pink Motel Pool Party 2012

The Pink Motel Pool Party 2011
Pink Motel Pool Party 2012

After the huge success of last year’s Pink Motel Pool Party, the people behind the “Pink Motel Pool Party” are beginning to plan for the 2nd annual skateboarding event at the Pink Motel located in Sun Valley, CA. Mark your calenders, the date reserved for the event is October 6, 2012 due to majority of professional skateboarders availability. The Pink Motel is located at 9457 San Fernando Road, in Sun Valley, CA. Dating back to 1946, this unique little motel has appeared in a number of films and TV shows, especially in the famous skateboarding film classic
"The Search for Animal Chin" featuring the Bones Brigade. It is now the location of the "The Pink Motel Pool Party" annual skateboarding event. Similar to last year, the Pink Motel Pool Party plans to have Dave Duncan and MALBA as MC.
The bands planned this year will be incredible! Last year in attendance there was Lance Mountain, Adrian Demain, Jeff Grosso, Pat Ngoho, Dave Duncan, MALBA, Eddie Reategui, Rick Blackhart, Ben Schroeder, Alan Losi, Skreech, and Steve-O just to name a few.
What we have planned for this year’s event will be even better and the first of its kind at this location.

The previous event at the Pink Motel was a huge success due in part to the tremendous support received by the skateboarding community.

As Concrete Disciples lay it out, “An event like this doesn't just happen automatically or easily. It takes months of planning, a pile of money, and a lot of organizational work to pull it off. Ruffo Espinosa, Lowden Rodriguez, Angelyna Martinez, and the rest of the crew behind the Pink Motel Pool Party worked long and hard to put it together”. Last year, the Pink Motel Pool Party was produced on a very low budget and entirely by people volunteering their time and donating whatever resources they had to make this event happen. During the planning stages word of mouth spread and the event attracted some of the biggest names in skateboarding.

If you want to sponsor the Pink Motel Pool Party 2012, contact Ruffo Espinosa: (213)840-6479, or Lowden Rodriguez (909)890-7161
Also visit

Thanks to Julian Bleecker for the pictures.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, May 14, 2012 


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