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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pipeline Tribute: Badlands Anniversary Bash

Pipeline Tribute: Badlands Anniversary Bash

At a time when everybody is talking about the Protec Pool Party at Vans, it is important remembering that the Combi Pool is a kindof replica of the original Upland skatepark, also known as Pipeline…

In 2005 Vans decided to resurrect the Combi Pool in all its glory, the Masters collided with the future of skateboarding and indented the street mentality of skateboarding, making it impossible to ignore pool and/or bowl riding for generations to come. That was Van’s hope and it has worked out great, so far. It's gonna be Vans legacy...

By now, everybody knows that the Combi is not really a sortof replica of the original Combi located at Pipeline since 1977 and destroyed in September 88. When the Hoffmans opened Pipeline in 1977, the pool was missing. They came short with $30,000 and asked the pros to give anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. They also asked the local and infamous brothers Alba to help with the design.

The Combi soon became the Mecca of the who’s who in skateboarding. The general layout of the Combi Pool at Vans is similar to the original, but the two are also different in a sense that the new one is not so gnarly. Vans extended the hip too far between sides and the lines are different. Well, of course only Malba, Salba, Chris Miller, Hosoi and a bunch of others Masters can notice the difference: they say the new one is easier than the old one. Yeah right! The reality is that when you put side by side the pics of the two Combi Pools, they Basically look the same.

On May 19th, Salba and all the badlanders, the Hoffman family along with Utility Board Shop is throwing a 35th anniversary Pipeline Reunion / Badlands bash.
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Old Combi (above R.I.P 1988) meet the New Combi (below, Born 2005)
It looks so tiny on the picture, it's almost a shame...
That will be a day of skating at Upland skatepark followed by a commerative plaque being given to Stan Hoffman who is now 82 years old! We will be honoring the tradition of Pipeline Skatepark and the Badlands !

After the skate session the Bones Brigade Documentary will be shown at Grove theatre and then after the movie an Art show will take place at Corey Miller’s shop– 6 Ft. Under– featuring Pipeline Skateparks relics and art work related to Pipeline! Trying to confirm people and skaters now! Jim Cassimus and Jim Goodrich are on board for prints of The Pipeline! Powerflex 5 will perform at Art show!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, May 02, 2012 


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