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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012 is over, move on

Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012
Steve Caballero is a tactician. He managed to win because he skated flawlessly.  
The Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012 is over, move on

The Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012 is over. It was huge, powerful, with an overwhelming success even covered by mainstream skateboarding media… It was so successful that it was harder than the previous years to get in. There were those on the guest list, those with Golden Tickets, those with the riders and the team and those who got to be on the deck but were not supposed to be. I’m not sure why kids and girlfriends get a pass deck and photographers just get a bleacher pass. But Vans have their priorities and they probably know what they are doing. Hopefully. Some complained that the contest showed a corporate face and was all
Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012
The contest ended with Tony Hawk receiving a huge cake in honor of his 44th birthday.
hyped up because during the 4 days leading to the contest, everyone got together, to party, to see old friends skate, to promote awesome new movies and to talk about the old days. Yes, it was all about friends skating together and good vibes.

Someone said: "Questionable judging, or scores amended after the fact?" So, everyone has his favorite rider. Me too… I personally would have had Austin Poynter and Nolan Munroe together with Pedro Barros in the top three, no offense to Rune Glifberg and Bucky Lasek, there are awesome skaters … I saw Cab amazingly consistent but too comfortable and strategic in his tricks and not bringing any new blood
Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012
Mike McGill
to the scene. Others felt Eric Nash or Nicky Guerrero got robbed. Personally, I though Tony Hawk was bolder than Cab but was not so consistent. And Others said it was a scripted contest because George Powell and Stacy Peralta were both there to witness the win of their own team riders (#1 Steve Caballero, #2 Tony Hawk, #3 Lance Mountain and Mike McGill) at a time when the new Bones Brigade video is about to be released.

I also witnessed that the interest was mainly focused on the Masters when the pros are now light years ahead in matter of speed, technicity, trick-o-mania and assurance. It’s not old school against new school, it’s consistency against
Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012
Not enough space on the deck for all the photographers, or so they say.
boldness. Tacticity against rage. Nolan Munro’s transition between the square and the round is a milestone. The record number of 540 landed is also a Milestone, and the massive aerials by Pedro Barros, Nolan Munroe and Austin Poynter would give vertigo to any street skater… That said, I am not a judge...

That huge contest, we asked for it, some of us even prayed for it. Is it possible that God answered their prayers beyond their wildest dreams? You should have been at the Q&A set after the Bones Brigade movie showing on Friday night in front of Vans skatepark, when Tony Alva asked Lance what God had to do with skateboarding…

Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012
No offense to Rune Glifberg and Bucky Lasek, there are awesome skaters, but this time, I would have preferred
Austin Poynter and Nolan Munroe in the top three.

Several complained about corporate greed. There is definitively a risk that skateboarding escape from our hands but corporate greed taking over skateboarding has been a constant theme since skateboarding exist and I did not see any corporate greed in the contest, merely an extremely well-structured and organized marketing strategy. Of course, the days of chaos (mainly because of the old Jam session has been retired) are gone, and that organized chaos was bringing some peps into the pit. But it’s also very dangerous for the riders and long gone is the time when we were going to the circus to see blood on the floor.

Pro-Tec Pool Party 2012
We got what we asked for… God save Pro-Tec Pool Party 2013.
For sure, a couple of mainstream companies (i.e. outside of skateboarding) are taking advantage of skateboarding and making big bucks on the back of skateboarding, but skateboarding is still controlled by us. So far. Even if, unfortunately, the vast majority of us don’t cash on skateboarding and only a small number of players are making enough money out of it to have a decent living. But we are not mainstream, we do skateboarding, we do the trends, we decide what is good and what is bad, we are the true skateboarders, we are ahead of the game, ahead of the others, and all the ones that jump on the bandwagon will always be followers and ultimately losers. It was sad seeing our own people that bashed bowl riding during all these years come to the Combi and steal the show and post videos on their websites.

Even if I’m half sad to see how it seem to escape our grabs, my other half is so elated about the whole festivities of last week. .. We got what we asked for… Should we go back?

God save Pro-Tec Pool Party 2013.

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