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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The problem with bowl riding is the kooks

Tony Alva. Pic from None Skateboards
It’s the kooks who bust the spots

"When you skate a pool right and just full-on attack them really hitting and releasing the lines it’s like flying. The weightless phases are really intense. Adults look at an empty pool and all they see is cement, but kids realize the fun aspect. An empty pool is useless to an adult because it has no water. We are just into using what is there; I mean, we didn’t empty them in the first place. People keep kids out of the pools ‘cause they just don’t comprehend what it’s all about. All they know is their paranoia over insurance and the legal crap, while all the kids are into is just skating and having fun. They look at us and think we are crazy, but look at them-they have these empty bowls and can’t think of anything to do with them except swim. You show any skater a good empty pool, and he’s gonna ride it no matter what…he’s got to. The other big problem is the kooks…they come and try to skate like us, and they get hurt ‘cause they can’t. People should never go for anything they don’t have the basic ability to pull off. I’ve ridden a lot of pools, and I know how to fall. I’ve never broken any bones skating. A good pool rider knows when to bail. Look at Biniak, he’s as radical as anyone, but he knows when to call it off; he’s not stupid…why get hurt? But these kooks show up and try to follow our lines; they can’t, and they eat it. I don’t like to see anyone get hurt. Besides it’s the kooks who bust the spots. This one guy shows up with his friends at one of our spots and breaks his arm. It’s no big thing; the guy could still walk, but he doesn’t…he has his friends go call an ambulance. So we’re yelling at this pussy…”come on, we will carry you out, be cool…you’re OK; don’t sweat it,” but no, he’s laying on the ground crying,”don’t touch me; I don’t want to be moved; it might be serious.” So the cops and the ambulance come and take the guy home to his mommy, and the next day the spot is totally busted…destroyed. Now this was serious-just because this punk didn’t take care of himself, we lose another good spot. Now we don’t allow people who can’t skate to ride our spots. We keep them out for their own good. If people can ride and have manners, that is fine; but if they can’t or don’t …who needs them. If people can’t take care of themselves, somebody else will. Once somebody screws up your trip, it becomes your business."
Tony Alva in SkateBoarder magazine 1977

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, May 31, 2012 


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