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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Swell Old is Cool Contest in Brazil

Pedro Barros at home in Brazil
Swell Old is Cool Contest in Brazil

Bowl riding is stronger by the minute. Take a look at the Swell Old is Cool contest, which is attracting every year more and more people. This event is now a major Bowl stop in Brazil in the categories of Masters and Legends. A large number of skaters coming from various cities throughout Brazil and South America (as is the case of Argentines who came with large numbers) are peppering the sauce even more of the event. And when it comes to pepper to Drop Dead brought their strongest spice to make anyone out there sweating so powerful that it was a mix!

In Drop Dead demos promoted by several skaters dechavaram bowl of the Swell. Pedro Barros drew a embaçadíssimo bs sugarkane through the elbow, unprecedented maneuver that peak. Always very aggressive and consistent Rodolfo Ramos dominated the block coping with his liptricks. Marcelo Kosake landed beautiful noseblunts. Among the amateur team Felipe Foguinho was very fast and had the most consecutive smith grinds ever seen on that track, not to mention their very high judo airs. Murilo Peres and Vi Kakinho also dominated the bowl with style and speed.

During the competition a few skaters also well represented Drop Dead. In the category Grand Master was a record number of members forming a total of 6 batteries in the playoffs, but this was no obstacle to Marco Cruz which secured their passage to the disputed final and finished eighth. Rogério Lemos Legend debuted in the category and was injured during heating, but even went limping to the end winning the fifth place, with much in the vein skate! But the great and unprecedented in the final category was Legend Eduardo Dias, leader and founder of Drop Dead, who had good grinds at the bottom of the bowl and finished in seventh place.

And finally one of the demos of Drop Dead had the distinguished presence of the band Agent Orange at the end of the evening gave a concert in a closing party of another Swell Old is Cool, to the delight of skaters who were there and consecration Over an unmissable event! Next year there's more! See below for final results and photo gallery of the skaters from Drop Dead:


1. Sinuhe Ferreira (Curitiba/PR)
2. Santi Reinas (La Plata/Argentina) – Rebel To Rebel / Hot Locals
3. Rafael Nascimento (Florianópolis/SC) – Mama Cavalo
4. Gustavo Tesch “Guto” (Porto Alegre/RS) – Swell Skateboard/Banx
5. Eduardo Dametto (Porto Alegre/RS)
6. Marcio Pinto (Estância Velha/RS)


1. Cristiano Mateus (São Paulo/SP) –
2. Allan Mesquita (Rio de Janeiro/RJ) – Devotion/Qix/Independent/Zeppelin Filmes/Evoke/Swell
3. Rafael Tramonte “Pingo” (Santos/SP) – Dirty Joy/Chorão Skt Park
4. Henrique Migliano “Banana” (São Paulo/SP)
5. Affonso Muggiati (Florianópolis/SC) – Rise Up/Pizza da Colônia/RTMF
6. Fernando Gomes (Florianópolis/SC)


1. Tomas Guedes “Tomate” (Porto Alegre/RS) – Five-O/Swell Skateboard/Panda & Monio/Vahlent/Licergic Dreams
2. Damian Pico (Quilmes/Argentina) – Kekedes/É Park
3. James Bigo (Jacareí/SP) – Vahlent/Lojas JB
4. João Francisco “Piu” (Porto Alegre/RS) – Forma Personal Training
5. Rogerio Lemos (Sorocaba/SP) – Drop Dead/Independent/Gardhenal/Vans
6. Emerson Somenzari (Porto Alegre/RS)


1. Pedro Tibau (Rio de Janeiro/RJ) – Vertical
2. Jorge Zunga (Rio de Janeiro/RJ) – Shock/Your Face/Fomo/Vertical/ Equipe Lantra
3. Alexandre Dota (Belo Horizonte/MG) – Naras Pads/Proside Footwear/Ponto do Açaí/Paranoides Skt/Planet Gueto/Vitale
4. Alvaro Fazio (Porto Alegre/RS) – VDC/Gralha Airlines
5. Dr. Lucas (Porto Alegre/RS) –
6. Renatão Oliveira (Porto Alegre/RS) –

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, May 19, 2012 


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