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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tom Schaar Profile (Guiness World Records)

Tom Schaar lands a 1080 and a place in the Guiness Book of Records
Tom Schaar

Tom Schaar lands a 1080 and a place in the Guiness Books of records.

Skateboarding prodigy Tom Schaar, the 12 years old from Malibu California, made history a couple of weeks ago, (On March 26th, 2012)) by winning the Skateboard Mini MegaRamp title at the KIA X Games Asia thanks to a 1080 live. The trick involves three full aerial revolutions, and requires a lot of speed
Tom Schaar beat out some of the top X Games athletes to become the youngest champion in the history of the event, including last year's winner (and seven-time X Games Skateboard gold medalist) Pierre Luc-Gagnon. Schaar landed a backslide 1080, scoring him an unbeatable 94.00 in the competition.
Only last month did Tom Schaar land the 1080 on the MegaRamp at Woodward West, Tehachapi, CA. A feat now recognized by Guinness World Records, and praised by boarding legend Tony Hawk: "In the last year I've seen Shaun White try 1080s & Mitchie Brusco crash-land a few. Tom Schaar nailed it," Hawk posted on Twitter.
"I tried the 1080 once before the contest and then three or four times during the contest and was stoked to get it," Schaar told "I'm just excited to be here and be skating with all of these pros that I've looked up to. It's the best feeling!"
Bob Burnquist, MegaRamp pioneer and world-class skateboarder, took silver with a score of 84.00, acknowledging the young winner, "Tom, you're my hero!"
He added, "He's very advanced for his age. In his head he's very cool and that usually comes with time, but he's had that right away. He's going to go a long way and we're going to have to deal with Tom for a long while

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