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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Al Partanen Comune Offset


Al Partanen Comune Offset Video

Offset is a new video financed by The Comune, a clothing brand. The featured part above is that of Al Partanen and as Al says, the video showing backyard pool riding is just “ the introduction of our new team. A group of creative dudes from all over that span the spectrum of skateboarding and have passion for what we do.

Al Partanen started skateboarding in Milwaukee, and since then, it’s been a non-stop collision course with all that's ever had something to do with skateboarding. From the very beginning, it seems he and his close friends skated it all. If someone signaled a ramp or they heard about a ditch or an empty bank-to-wall pool, they would fly there. "I miss those times," Al says. "Those were like the most die-hard times where we had the most fun.

There were days when there would be snow banks along the roads and we'd go out wearing a couple extra sweatshirts and skate curbs in the parking structures underground."

One he started skateboarding, he kept skating whatever was available under his wheels—parks, stairs, rails, and everything that leads to an eventual grocery list of skateboarding experience so extensive that there's really no way to explain it to anyone who hasn't gone through the same experience. Starting with me, following by you and ending with Al, for which each day of skating is a new inferno. A possibility to take the abridged inventory to the gnarliest spots, heat it all, and see what can get started. Smoke and fire—Partanen lights skateboarding up.

About the new Comune video Al Partanen says that “We filmed my part in an afternoon. I met up with our TM, Noel, and few of the other Comune contributors and they filmed me doing my thing. It was fun -- we hit some rad spots and then had some bomb Mexican food.

The part is mainly backyard pool, which seems an easy task but Al Partanen confirms that “you're always looking for new stuff. You got to find the spot, you got to go there and see if it's not a bust, you got to search it out. Every pool is completely different. It's not a vert ramp, it's not a back-and-forth.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, June 13, 2012 


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