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Friday, June 22, 2012

All Girl Skate Jam Mini Ramp Contest at Vans Wraped Tour 2012

The winners of the AGSJ: Amelia Brodka, Kerri, Sara Thompson, Ariana Carmona, Julz Lynn
All Girl Skate Jam Mini Ramp Contest at Vans Wraped Tour 2012

Today at the Pomona Fairplex, during the Vans Wrapped Tour, Patty Segovia organized one stop of the All Girl’s Skate Jam mini ramp contest. It was very hot at Pomona today, especially with all those bands playing altogether, albeit on separate stages, and thousands of people clapping hands and tripin’ together. No wonder that from the freeway exit to the Mini ramp, it took us two hours with lines everywhere, a line to arrive at the parking lot, a line to get the press pass and a line to get a photo pass, Vans ended up having the second best day ever for Warped Tour in Pomona with over 16,767. But eventually the two hour wait was worth it although the Fair organizers in Pomona might rethink their logistics
Amelia Brodka and Julz Lynn talking tricks
Ameejay Papelara was not in the podium
The Pomona stop of the Vans Warped Tour was the second biggest on the record with over 16,767
and how to process the thousands of people going through the gates under a scorching sun…

The mini ramp is, well, a mini ramp. So it’s less impressive than your regular bowl or combi, (especially since you see the same girls shredding at Vans skatepark all year long) therefore the tricks have to be more technical. Speed, lines or style doesn’t really count here but the spectacle was that of a high level, with Amelia Brodka and Julz Lynn very technical. I would have placed Ameejay Papelera in the top 5, but I admit that it was probably difficult to judge anyway. There was actually only 1.5 point difference between Amelia and Julz. If proof is needed...
Patty Seg0via organized the contest 
Sara Thompson Hi Five with Julz Lynn 

Two hour wait to get these 2 wristbands but it was worth it...

All Girls Skate Jam Warped Tour Pomona Stop 2012 result:

- 1 Amelia Brodka 129.5
2 Julz Lynn 123
3 Kerri Richards 122.5
4 Arianna Carmona 114.5
5 Sara Thompson 101
6 Evelyn Abad 99.5
7 Melissa Spillman 95.5
8 Cara Lawson 95
9 Ameejay Papelera 89.5
10 Felicity Corral 86
11 Julie Westfall 75.5
12 Ocean Iverson 60

Additional reading:

- Interview with Amelia Brodka
- Interview with Julz Lynn
- Interview with Patty Segovia

Thanks to Patty Segovia of the AGSJ for the invitation... We'll go back next year!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, June 22, 2012 


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