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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The best skateboarding Contests of this summer 2012

The best skateboarding Contests of this summer 2012

As usual every year, the summer months are a busy time when it comes to skateboarding events. In between summer vacations, summer jobs and summer parties keeping up with all the skateboarding competition dates can be difficult even for the most diehard of us. The other problem being that there is not a body in charge of compiling all the information and different organizers are keeping different schedules that are (sometimes) updated of their website. So, in an effort to help keep us all organized, I have listed the major skateboarding bowl contests scheduled to take place during this summer. That way you can plan your summer activities accordingly and even decide to go to one or several particular contests. One caveat though, event details are (always) subject to change so it is always best to verify things closer to the event date.

Here is the updated list…

Vans Warped Tour and All Girl Skate Jam

Friday, June 22, 2012, at the Pomona Fairflex. 1101 West McKinley Avenue. Mcee’s Jay Adams and Tony Alva.
Invitees include: Ameejay Papelera, Amelia Brodka, Melissa Spillman, Abisha Albeshaki, Racine Haskins, Annika Vrklan, Klara Vrklan, Sarah Thompson, Arianna Carmona, Lizzie Armano, Evelyn Abad, Ocea Iverson, Allysha Bergado, Jordan & Mikayla,

June 15th practice. July 28th contest Anaheim Unit B. Bowl, amateurs only, all levels, entry fee $5

Rome World Cup
June 15th-17th Rome, Italy - Men’s street, vert, bowl - women’s street

For the fifth consecutive year the WCS (World Cup Skateboarding) will go to Rome, Italy, for a contest planned to last from June 15 to 17. This skateboarding competition is a part of the World Cup Skateboarding (WCS) organization and the Ostia Italy is one of the stops. Ostia is a beautiful district in Rome that is on the Tyrrhenian coast; allowing skaters to enjoy a mini-vacation while participating in the Rome World Cup. Loved by tourists, Ostia has one of the only skateparks in Italy, so the Rome World Cup does not have many options for holding competitions.
The WCP Summer European Pro Tour is comprised of the Orange Freestyle Cup, Rome World Cup, Relentless NASS and the Mystic SK8 Cup. The annual Rome World Cup will feature competitions both for men and women.

Orange Freestyle Cup
Marseille, Skatepark du Prado, June 19th

For the third consecutive year, the Sosh Freestyle Cup has been selected to organize one of two European stages of the WCS (World Cup Skateboarding) and the only French leg of the World Cup Bowl. World Cup of Skateboarding was created in 2004. It includes three types of competitions: Bowl, Street and Ramp. The Orange Freestyle Cup is a competition BOWL whose circuit has 8 steps. The organization of this step is carried out by Mathieu and Laurent Molinier Foix through the association BSM Marseille, School of skateboarding - organizer of this crucial stage.

Polar Bear Memorial Pool jam
June 24th Polar Bear Memorial Pool Jam @ Venice skatepark

The Venice Skatepark Polar Bear Pool Jam is an amateur contest held at Venice Skatepark on June 24. Registration in the morning and the contest starts at 11am. The event is sponsored by a bunch of companies especially Pro-Tec and is organized by Madrid Skateboards.

X-Games 2012
June 28th-July 1st X Games LA - Mega ramp, skatepark, vert, street

Old Guys Skate Jam
June 30th, The Cove Skatepark

The Old Guys Skate Jam is a contest series organized by Heidi Lemmon and Concrete Disciples and has 5 stops during the year. The Cove stop is the third of the season. The contest is open to any skater (pro or amateur) over 35 years old. There is a section of guys over 50 years that still rips the concrete. Eddie Hadvina (who just turned 50) has so far been unbeatable in that section and is poised to win the championship this year.

Old School Skate Jam
July 7th & 8th Vassiviere Skatepark, France

This is the 7th year for this itinerant contest organized by a bunch of old vert riders. Always in trannies (before) and now always in a skatepark, the stop this year has been organized at OTRO Vassiviere skatepark, one of the most talked about skatepark in the world. The skatepark has been under planning and construction for the past 5 years and the bowls were finished only a couple of days ago. The contest will take place the day of the official skatepark opening. No-one knows how the phosphorescent concrete (to skate at night) will hold, so it's the surprise of the contest.

Mystic Sk8 Cup
July 13th to 15th, Prague

Mystic Sk8 Cup 2012 celebrated legal age, and promises the biggest stars the world of skateboarding 18th edition of the legendary race will be held from 13th to 15th Skatepark in July 2012 on the island of Manhunt in Prague. The plant is included in the series of World Cup Skateboarding - 2012 World Cup Skateboarding (WCS) as one of six European stops this season (Italy, France 2, Estonia, England, Prague). From Friday to Sunday will be the world's best riders compete in the disciplines of streetstyle, bowl (pool) and best trick for $ 30 thousandth Girls only race in the discipline streetstyle of $ 2,500. Plant is subject to the rules office World Cup Skateboarding, which provides judges, processes and results count is continuing to turn the World Cup Skateboarding.

Volcom Bergfest
July 20th-21st Volcom Bergfest - Munster, Germany Pool, snakerun, bowl

The Skatepark at Berg Fidel was built in 1989 and can be considered as one of the dinosaurs of today’s skateboarding world. It is a part of skateboarding’s cultural “world heritage”. Up until 1989, there was no skatepark in Münster – a fact that needed to be changed. Titus Dittmann was set to organise the first skateboarding world Championship in Münster that same year. Titus got together with the city’s sports council and plans for a new skatepark were laid down. After more than 22 years, the old park was torn down and completely reconstructed and that's where the contest is scheduled this summer.

Copenhagen Pro
July 26th- 29th Copenhagen Pro - Copenhagen, Denmark

The 6th annual CPH PRO is in the making and we can promise you that this year will be the biggest yet. CPH PRO 2012 is the only purely professional skateboard contest in Europe.

Coastal Carnage
August 3 - 5, 2012
An invite only pro and am bowl contest. The Annual Coastal Carnage skate competition is set to kick off in Huntington Beach, California, on August 3rd-5th with an afternoon practice session. For those not familiar with the contest, Coastal Carnage is a two day, invitational Bowl Jam competition with a total prize purse of $50,000 for pro and amateur skateboarders alike to sink their teeth into. There has been no official word yet on who is among the list of competitors for this year. Last year legends like Steve Caballero were in attendance in the previous years and this year's guest list should prove as equally tantalizing.

Oregon Trifecta
August 10th-12th Oregon Trifecta - Lincoln City 10th, West Linn 11th, Pier park 12th Pro/ Masters - Pool and Bowl

What started as a Trifecta is sometimes a bifecta and sometimes a onefecta. That does not matter. The Trifecta is one of the most important bowl contest of the season. This year's Trifecta brings together some of the greatest bowl riders in the world. Many of these riders have spent the last 10 years or more on these Oregon cement parks built by Dreamland and Grindline. Many of these riders will show some amazing feats while som eof the newer riders will be amazed at the tricks they will pull in the heat of competition. Good luck to all...

Commotion Down The Ocean
August 15th Commotion Down the Ocean - Ocean City, Maryland/Grind for Life event - Bowl Jam

The Commotion Down the Ocean is a fun filled festival designed to raise awareness and garner assistance for people with cancer through the Grind for Life organization as well as celebrate the 36th anniversary of the Ocean Bowl and kick off the Dew Tour. The one day event will consist of a bowl competition, skateboarding demos, autograph sessions with the Dew Tour pros and a vendor village offering fabulous food, music and sensational skateboarding related swag.

Dew Tour Ocean City
August 16th-19th Dew tour Ocean City, Maryland - Vert and Bowl Pro/Masters

In the beginning, the news about the Summer Dew Tour planning on returning to Ocean City, Maryland, was what I had expected since things went well there last year. The skate competition was incredible to watch and Ocean City raked in a ton of free press for its trouble. This year's date was changed from July to August in order to avoid conflict with the Summer Olympics and seemingly bolster tourism during a traditionally slower time for Ocean City. Both actions made perfect sense. Then the Ocean City Council decided to issue what I consider an ill-thought out suggestion. It wants to restrict the type of music the Dew Tour can have at its corresponding concert and the ability to financially penalize this year's artist should he or she do something while on stage that is considered "against family values." So, if you go to Ocean City, be careful of what you are playing on your IPhone, you might be subject to a fine…
Malmo Ultra Bowl
August 17th-19th Ultrabowl MalmSweden - Pro and Masters bowl

Old Guys Skate Jam
August 18th Etnies Skatepark

This is the fourth stop of the Olg Guy Skate Jam...

Terror in Tahoe
Terror in Tahoe September 22, 2012 Featuring the Yeastie Boys and more!

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- Orange Freestyle Cup, Marseille
- Rome WCS Cup
- Coastal Carnage
- BergFest
- Mystic SK8 Cup
- Malmo Ultra Bowl
- Dew Tour

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