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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bob Burnquist suffers serious fall during training in Megaramp

Bob Burnquist hurt in Big Air practice
Bob Burnquist hitting the Megaramp's coping with his back after a six feet free fall...
Bob Burnquist suffers serious fall during training in Megaramp.

This information has been confirmed on the ESPN website in Portugues, but not yet in the USA.

Bob Burquist suffered a hard fall yesterday afternoon (26/06) during Skateboarding practice at the Big Air for the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles.

Bob practiced his tricks in the quarter pipe when a wrong turn put him in a position of no return. Bob, in the air, tried to turn his body, but ended up hitting his back on the ramp's coping after plunging from a height of six feet.

Bob Burnquist hurt in Big Air practice
Bob Bunquist ushered to the L.A. hospital
Bob Burnquist was seen shortly after the crash and was taken to the hospital.
There is still no official information about Bob Bunrquist' health, and even Bob being a warrior, his participation in the Big Air competition of the X Games 2012 is considered unlikely.

When the ambulance was on its way Bob Burnquist was applauded by his fellows who trained in megaramp.

This would have been the 18th participation of Bob Burnquist at the X Games in Los Angeles.

Bob Burnquist hurt in Big Air practice
Trying to switch before hitting the coping...
This is the text published on ESPN.BR: "Bob Burnquist has always seemed immune to a skater falls in Megarramp, agility and knowledge of the ramp when he took the setbacks, but on Tuesday the giant ramp played a trick on Bob. During practice for the skateboard big air of the X Games, Bob fell a fall that shocked everyone present.

Its back hit the coping, made of metal pipe installed at the edge of the ramp, after it fall from a height of at least two meters. Bob was still in the air when he realized that something had gone wrong. It all happened very fast, but at the same time seemed an eternity: The flight, the crash, the impact.

Bob was taken by ambulance to California Hospital Medical Center in downtown Los Angeles. The local skater went through a battery of x-rays found no fracture that does not. According to Bruno Passos, Bob's cameraman, the skater is in stable condition. But very sore and with a bruised ankle and back.

Bob Burnquist in the coming days will have a battle ahead. According to Bruno is his will to compete on Friday, but now the question is whether his body will be able to face the megarrampa.

"If someone is able to overcome this challenge, this person is Bob Burnquist."

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