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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Championnats de France de Skate – Bordeaux June 2nd-3rd

The ramp at the CAPC Museum. Has skateboarding become the new religion of the French?
This Sunday Mass proves me right... Photo David Manaud.

Championnats de France de Skate – Bordeaux June 2nd-3rd

In the worldwide subconscious, the imagery of France is represented by a guy with a beret, a bottle of wine, a smelly cheese, a baguette and a rooster. Wow! Seems like the rooster woke up, ate the cheese with the bread and drank the wine, leaving the man to only doing skateboarding!!!

If proof is needed, take this week end event in France… This week-end took place at Bordeaux, at the Quai Des Chartrons, one of the stops of the Championnats de France de Skateboard (French Championships) with a nice ramp to go with.

Jeremie Plisson Photo Fred Ferand

The podium included Jeremie Plisson, Melvin Abdou-Salam and Gauthier Lavernhe.

The skate week end was also crowned with a skate demo by the team Vox-Santa Cruz at the CAPC, a museum recently converted to a skatepark with a huge mini ramp full of glossy paint supposed to brag a local supermarket. At 47 meters wide, the ramp was probably the largest ever built. While some criticized the choice of the sponsor (and the sleek painting on the mini ram) others asked why skateboarding was consecrated in a museum. Contrary to the American politics, where each party makes no concessions to the other (and obstructionism) and hence things are not done, leading to a stalemate, the French have chosen a more pragmatic approach: skateboarding is the art of the 21st century (hence the museum) but art needs money to survive (hence the glossy paint).

Eventually, it’s a win-win situation.

BTW, the French are not doing things like the others, they just elected a real socialist as their president, 90% of their energy is coming from nuclear power and their Sunday Masses in church show that their new religion is skateboarding…

1 melvin abdou salam (vox santa cruz)
2 jeremie plisson (requiem)
3 gauthier laverhne (transfert skateshop)

El gato Negro (Fred Ferand) and David Manaud where there to testify in pictures…

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, June 03, 2012 


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