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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jagger Eaton at Big Air X-games

Video Cluster of Jagger Eaton
Jagger Eaton is the youngest contestant to ever participate at the X-Games big air... 

Jagger Eaton is the youngest competitor ever at the X-Games Big Air

Jagger Eaton who will turn 11 years 4 months and 7 days old on the first day of competition, has been skating since the age of 7. It all started with a mini-ramp in the back yard and he was hooked! After seeing the enthusiasm resonates within him, his father Geoff built them a skatepark within his existing business, Desert Devils Gymnastics. It quickly gained popularity among parents and developed into Kids That Rip Skateboard School (KTR), which now offers year-round programming and camps for kids to learn how to skateboard. In 2009, Jagger Eaton with his brother Jett were the first kids (possibly in the world) to enter into a year-round traditional schooling and skateboard training curriculum. The school ended in after the 2011 school year, but they continue to push the limits of skateboarding every day. Their training facility at KTR allows for them to push their tricks safely. More recently, they have been training at Megaramp Training Camp (MRTC) in Tehachapi, CA, with former KTR coach, Jeff Jewett.

And as the X Games 18 is next week-end, (June 28-Jul 1, 2012), all eyes are on Jagger Eaton and Trey Wood. Jagger is the youngest competitor in X Games history and Trey Wood only a few months older. They will both be competing in the “Big Air” skateboard event at only 11 years old.

Jagger Eaton is excited be competing in the Skateboarding Big Air Contest, he will be dropping into the Mega Ramp, then fly over a 70 foot gap and into a 27 foot quarter pipe. He is no stranger to Megramp, he recently at Bob Burquist’s Backyard Megaramp in the AM competition and tied for third. This hot new skater can ride the streets or the ramps, nothing stops this young athlete.

Take a look at this Video Cluster that shows Jagger eaton with several interviews and training on regular bowls and ramps and on the big ramp

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, June 24, 2012 


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