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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mitchie Brusco: first ever 900 at Big Air X Games

Mitchie Brusco: first ever 900 at Big Air X Games
X-Games Big Air 2012: Go Young Guns

In this 2012 edition of the Summer X Games we are looking at some young stars who will be in Los Angeles and ready to push for medals against athletes twice and even three times their age.
The skateboard Big Air competition alone will feature three competitors who are yet to even reach their teens.

Mitchie Brusco
Take a look at the 900 that Mitchie Brusco just landed… Mitchie Brusco is just 16 years old and already setting a new standard in Big Air. He landed his first 900 in a contest (Brazil, July 2011), but the youngest athlete at XG 2011 wasn't able to land the 900 at his first X Game and eventually finished 5th in Big Air. He first landed a run on Bob Burnquist's mega ramp in April 2010, and he went from watching X Games in the stands to being in the spotlight. The prodigy was on The Today Show skating at age 5.

Other young guns include:
Jagger Eaton and Trey Wood
Jagger Eaton and Trey Wood are two of the youngest competitors ever to compete in the X Games. In fact, Eaton is the youngest, edging out Nyjah Houston, who was the youngest when he was in the 2006 X Games.
Trey Wood will turn 12 in September according to his bio on, but Jagger Eaton has him beat out by a few months, as he turned 11 this February.
Trey Wood has been skating since he was three and competing since he was just six years old. The Queen Creek, Arizona native has been working on his 900 for this week's competition "'I'm trying to dial in 900s right now," Wood said. "I have the rotation and everything but haven't pulled one yet.'"
Meanwhile, Jagger Eaton is normally a street skater, but make no mistake, he can throw down on the big ramps too. For both of these skaters, winning isn't the main concern, as they are both stoked just to be competing alongside the skaters they idolize, as Eaton told ESPN:
"'I got the invite from X Games like two days ago," Eaton told ESPN. "It made me feel amazing. I just want to go out there and have fun. I feel ready to go. I'll try a few tricks.'"

Tom Schaar
Though Eaton and Wood are the youngest stars, 12-year-old Tom Schaar is a bigger medal threat.
Schaar has already secured a major sponsorship, as he rides for Element along with Houston, Bam Margera and Chad Muska to name a few. This spring, the Malibu, California native became the first skater to ever land a 1080, which is three full rotations.
It has been said that Tom Schaar needs to go for the 1260 in this event, but it is uncertain whether or not he'll actually try it. Tom's father Nick Schaar didn't rule out the fact that he will try a 1260, but hinted to ESPN's Keith Hamm that it may be a while before we see the youngster attempt to raise the bar: "'I think he'll go for it when he's a year or two older and little bit stronger," Schaar said. "It seems like he could do it.'"
Whether he goes for the 1260 or not, Schaar will be one of the most exciting skaters to watch this year and in years to come.

Alex Sorgente:
Young Florida skater Alex Sorgente (14) got on the mega ramp for the first time in late May 2012, and he's only been on the mini mega since January. The 9th grade student (fall 2012) had been focusing on mega ramp at Woodward West for weeks before X Games. Alex raced motocross from age 2 until 2011. Now he just rides for fun.

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