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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Results: Sosh Freestyle Cup 2012 Bowl contest Marseille France

Ivan Rivado at the Prado Bowl during the Sosh Freestyle cup at Marseilles,
Photo Christophe Corso.
Results: Sosh Freestyle Cup 2012 Bowl contest Marseille France

The Sosh Orange Fresstyle Cup went down to Marseille France this week end for a bowl contest organized by the World Cup Skateboarding body. As usual, the contest was MCed by Dave Duncan the voice of skateboarding and the contest was held at the Prado bowl. Seb Daurel was also hosting the comments in French

Located right on the beach in the Prado seaside area, Marseille Skatepark is considered as a "must skate" and have been rated 9/10 by Thrasher Skateboard Magazine. It has also been rated the best bowl by the beach by together with Bondi Bowl and Venice Skatepark. For the Prado bowl, everything started right before the 90’s during the second wave of "skate". In Marseille there was no ramp for skaters in search of good transitions. The mayor of Marseilles offered them a rectangular park, plus a wooden mini ramp. Unfortunately, most of the skaters from Marseilles preferred to skate a legendary ditch called “la ditch du Roy d'Espagne” but that was not enough. Jean Pierre Collinet, a skater and an architecture student in Marseille decided with his buddies’ members of the local skate club les "Street Bombs", to strike a major blow by having the Town Hall realize a Bowl.

On many accounts, the Bowl du Prado is an amazing feat thanks to visionary people like: JP. Collinet, Stephane Andre, Patrick Lozano and others. It has been an example for many skateparks even in the motherland of skateboarding: the USA. On a recent interview with Jim Fitzpatrick published on isTia last January, Jim told us that “I can remember being at the Marseille skatepark with Cab and Guerrero on that 1989 trip. The day was stormy and we only spent a short while there, but Cab said, “This is rad, why don’t we have this in the states? Why don’t we have this in San Francisco?”. Read the full story of the bowl Le Prado on isTia.Tv.

If you did not see the contest live on isTia.Tv thanks to a LiveStream brought by WCS and Dailymotion, no worries, we have the results here. After the qualifiers that saw Charlie Blair, Jay Collins and a very young Vincent Matheron qualified in the
Tibs Parise. Photo Benoit Canivez
first heat and it was the time for the Masters all of them older than 40 years old and even 50 for Dave Duncan than 40 years old and even 50 for Dave Duncan…

The highlights of the contest were Nolan Munroe dubbed Mr. Clean by the French, Julien Benoliel knocked off for a few minutes after a backside blunt, the Masters out of breath under the French sun and the poor quality of the DailyMotion live stream, which was abruptly cut before the end of the contest. That’s too bad especially since a whole crew of people has worked on this contest for days to make this contest happen…

Charlie Blair #1 at Sosh Freestyle Cup in Marseilles...Photo Matthieu Verdeil
This was the qualifier results

8 Guillaume Mocquin
7 Ivan Rivado
6 Alain Goikoetxea
5 Vincent Matheron 70pts
4 Nolan Munroe 71pst
3 Jake Collins 72pts
2 Charlie Blair 73pts
1 Julien Benoliel 73pts

Sosh Freestyle Cup Pro Top 5

1. Charlie Blair
2. Julien Benoliel
3. Nolan Monroe
4. Jake Collins
5. Alain Goikoetxea

Sosh Freestyle Cup Masters Top 3
1. Sean Goff
2. Paul Atkins
3. Jean "Bad Prof" Terrrisse

Thanks to Matthieu Verdeil, Benoit Canivez and Christophe Corso for the pictures.

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