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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rome World Cup Skateboarding 2012

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Rome World Cup Skateboarding 2012

For the fifth consecutive year the WCS (World Cup Skateboarding) will go to Rome, Italy, for a contest planned to last from June 15 to 17. This skateboarding competition is a part of the World Cup Skateboarding (WCS) organization and the Ostia Italy is one of the stops. Ostia is a beautiful district in Rome that is on the Tyrrhenian coast; allowing skaters to enjoy a mini-vacation while participating in the Rome World Cup. Loved by tourists, Ostia has one of the only skateparks in Italy, so the Rome World Cup does not have many options for holding competitions.
The WCP Summer European Pro Tour is comprised of the Orange Freestyle Cup, Rome World Cup, Relentless NASS and the Mystic SK8 Cup. The annual Rome World Cup will feature competitions both for men and women.

As usual, the 2012 Rome World Cup will be held at the Spot skatepark in Ostia, and skateboarders will be able to participate in street, vert and bowl competitions. Although the Spot will not be able to host the vert portion, skaters will only have to travel about two miles to Ravenna Square aka "il Pontile" to compete. THE SPOT skatepark will host the bowl and street contests only. The 2011 competition was also held at the Spot and was a success.

The winners of the street competition at the Rome World Cup will go home with 9,500 Euros, and the winners of the vert competition get 9,500 Euros as well. The winners of the bowl jam get 3,000 Euros and the Ladies Street will get 3,000 Euros. Last year, there were entry fees into the Rome World Cup and skateboarders had to pay 70 Euros to enter one competition and 120 Euros to skate in all three parts. Please check with the WCS website for more information regarding fees this year. The six best skaters will be moving onto the next part of the World Cup Skateboarding leg at the Relentless NASS.

The 2010 Rome World Cup Skateboarding

Skateboarders at the 2010 competition performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd and enjoyed the competition. In 2010, Milton Martinez was declared the winner of the men's street portion of the Rome World Cup while Sandro Dias won the vert portion. Milton Martinez was also the winner of the men's bowl competition. Meanwhile, Leticia Bufoni won the women's street and bowl competitions. The tradition of allowing men and women to participate in the Rome World Cup will continue in 2012, and it is nice to see that the WCP is not shutting out female skateboarders.

The 2011 Rome World Cup Skateboarding

In 2011, the street part was won by Kelvin Hoefler with Milton Martinez at the second place. The ladies street was won by Leticia Bufoni with Lacey Baker at the 2nd place. The bowl results were as follow: #1 Sandr Dias, #2 Milton Martinez, #3 Rodolfo Ramos, #4 Marcos Gabriel, #5 Nilo Pecanha, #6 Baullio Sagas and #7 Alex Sorgente (who is American but with Italian parents). The vert section ad the following winners: #1 Sandro Dias, #2 Josh Stafford, #3 Jake Anderson, #4 Rey Baker.

More information on the 2011 G-Shock World Cup Skateboarding in Rome

The 2012 Rome World Cup Skateboarding

This years’ event will be extra special as a completely new Street course will be built for the event. Great skater for a big show, of all Andy Mac Donald (USA), Milton Martinez (ARG), Kelvin Hoefler (BRA), Renton Millar (AUS) and among women Leticia Bufoni, Sophie Poppe and Evelien Bouillart! Registrations directly at THE SPOT skatepark since June 14.

Admission free to the public, and post-event party with live concert on REDBULL Tourbus Special guest TORMENT!

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