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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shaun White Won’t Participate in X Games L.A. 2012

Shaun White is excelling at what he is doing best Skateboarding Marketing
Shaun White Won’t Participate in X Games L.A. 2012

Is Shaun White skateboarding biggest star? That’s what a lot of bloggers outside of the skateboard community seem to think.

Earlier in 2012, Shaun White won three gold medals in snowboarding at Winter X Games, including a perfect SuperPipe score in Aspen and then won two gold medals in Tignes, France, in SuperPipe and Slopestyle. Shaun White's Skate Vert contest history dates back to 2003, with gold medals in 2007 and 2011. But skateboarding’s biggest mainstream star, will not be defending his Skateboard Vert gold medal at X Games Los Angeles 2012.

Shaun White has been busy in New York ultimately and her publicist, Samantha Hill of WTK Public Relations, made the mildly surprising announcement just as fans were mentally preparing for a showdown between him and the guy he stole victory from last year, Pierre-Luc Gagnon.
"Shaun has decided to sit out this year's X Games in Los Angeles," said Hill (via ESPN). "This has been a lively year so far; he's now getting back on his skateboard and is excited for summer."
Of course, for some skaters, including PLG, Shaun White’s announcement did not come a surprise: "I was kind of expecting him not to skate this year," Gagnon told ESPN. "I know Shaun's been in New York and I know he doesn't have a ramp to skate right now. I definitely had a feeling that [X Games] didn't seem like his main priority, and he's not the kind of guy to show up and wing it."

And to all the non-skateboard blogs out there, stop referring to Shaun White as the biggest skateboarding star. He is probably one of the extreme sports combined superstar, but for skateboarders, he is just an excellent vert rider, and we have a lot of other awesome vert riders …

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, June 16, 2012 


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