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Thursday, June 21, 2012

SOSH Freestyle Cup at Marseille

SOSH Marseilles Freestyle skateboard cup
The Bowl at Marseilles

The program includes five days of festivities, two amateur competitions under 18 and over 18 years, followed by three intensive days of World Cup Skateboarding with the best skateboarders the world, and the equally famous Dave Duncan at the microphone. This year's big news, you can follow the competitions live web cast.

The fiesta started last weekend when a crew of about twenty professional graffiti artists came to paint the bowl for a colorful event. Precision work to discover as and when it evolves.

For the third consecutive year, the Sosh Freestyle Cup has been selected to
As usual, the bowl was tagged a couple of days before the contest

organize one of two European stages of the WCS (World Cup Skateboarding) and the only French leg of the World Cup Bowl.

World Cup Skateboarding was created in 2004. It includes three types of competitions: Bowl, Street and Ramp.
The Orange Freestyle Cup is a Bowl contest whose circuit has 8 steps.

The organization of this step is carried out by Mathieu and Laurent Molinier Foix through the association BSM Marseille, School of skateboarding - organizer of this crucial stage.

Discipline: BOWL
Categories: Pro Masters
Number of participants: 48 skaters and French international

The Jury: 5 judges (Judge of the World Cup + 4 old pros French judges and / or the world of skateboarding)
Criteria: are taken into account by the judges, variety of tricks, jump heights, flow in the sequence of figures, transfer bowls, expanded use of the skatepark and extensions of modules, achieving figures switch.
The format 48 skaters grouped into heat 6.
To do: run a single presentation (duration: 60 ') + jam session per hen (duration: 6 to 10')
Prize money 20,000 Euros

Nolan Munroe (US),
Renton Millar (AUS),
Milton Martinez (Arg),
Dany Leon (ESP),
Ivan Rivado (ESP),
Julien Benoliel (FR),
Nicky Guerrero (DAN),
Samuel Partaix (FR),
Jürgen Horwarth (GER),
David Kalani (US),
Josh Stafford (US),
Stéphane André (FR),
Ivan Federico (IT),
Alain Goikoetxea (ESP),
Alex Sorgente (US),
Sean Goff (UK),
Jarne Verbruggen (BEL),
Max Verohanitra (FR),
Vincent Matheron (FR),
Paul Atkins (UK),
David Marteleur (FR),
Sasha Steinhorst (US),
Nahuel Martinez (ARG),
Daniel Cuervo (Rep Dominicaine),
Jean Terrisse (FR),
Dave Duncan (US),
Tyler Hendley (US),
Guillaume Mocquin (FR),
Charly Blair (US),
Claude Queyrel (FR),
Ben Johnson (US)

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, June 21, 2012 


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