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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SOSH Freestyle Cup Marseille 2012 Results and Pictures

Sosh Freestyle Cup Marseille 2012 Video
The Sosh Freestyle Cup took place at the legendary Prado Skate Park in Marseilles, France, as part of the Sosh Freestyle
 Festival, June 19-24, 2012.. Guillaume Mocquin Photo Juliette Herdoin
SOSH Freestyle Cup Marseille 2012 organised by World Cup Skateboarding: Results and Pictures

The second stop on the 2012 WCS European summer tour at Marseille was one of the most exciting skate contests ever! isTia had renowned skater-photographer Fred Ferand over there to immortalize the Sosh Freestyle Cup 2012. The contest was held in the legendary Bowl at the Espace Borely. There have been so many great sessions at the Borely Bowl over the past 20 years with skate legendary skaters like Wade Speyer, Danny Way, Omar Hassan, Rune Glifberg, Tony Trujillo, etc..
Sosh 2012 Dave Duncan tailblock WCS Marseille. Photo Fred Ferand
And this year was just another classic week! Within hours of arriving in Marseille the buzz was that Dogtown team rider Charlie Blair was at the park for the first time ever and had already landed a blunt to fakie on the massive 4' vert extension! Eventually, Dogtown's Charlie Blair put it all together to take the much deserved win at the Sosh Freestyle Cup 2012 in Marseille.

Charlie edged out Marseille local ripper Julien Benoliel, who fall during the last run and left on the bottom of the bowl stoned for sevela minutes and fellow American Nolan Monroe to take home 3000 EUR. Blair tore up every inch of the park with moves that included a frontside 270 over the spine, an ultra-precise nosepick, huge transfers galore, stalefish, kickflip frontside air, and all manner of grinds.
Sosh 2012 Marseille Nolan Munroe tailgrab WCS Marseille. Photo Fred Ferand
The deal-closer was his blunt stall to kickflip off the big vert wall.
Judges evaluated the skaters on the following criteria: variety of tricks, fluidity in linking tricks, height of jumps, transfer of bowls, use of the skatepark and its features, and use of switch tricks. There was a LiveStream webcast courtesy of World Cup Sk8 and Dailymotion for skate fans worldwide.
We will never know if Julien Benoliel would have win without his fall…

The skate contest in the concrete bowl had riders competing for WCS points. This was the fifth year for the Freestyle Cup – the third year that it is a World Cup SK8 event –

Take a look at all the pictures that Fred Ferand and Christophe Corso sent to isTia.Tv
Sosh Marseille 2012 Alain Goikoetxa. Smith Grind. Photo Fred Ferand

Sosh Marseille 2012 Charlie Blair. Ollie alley oop to fakie WCS. Photo Fred Ferand

Sosh Marseille 2012 Chloe Bernard. grind WCS. Photo Fred Ferand

Sosh Marseille 2012 Ivan Rivado Ollie to tail WCS_Marseille. Photo Fred Ferand

Sosh Marseille 2012 Julien Benoliel. Nosegrind WCS_Marseille. Photo Fred Ferand

Sosh-Marseille-2012-JulienBenoliel-bssmith_WCS_Marseille. Photo Fred Ferand

Mehdi Salah. Photo Christophe Corso
Pro results

1 Charlie Blair 3,000.00
2 Julien Benoliel 2,000.00
3 Nolan Munroe 1,000.00
4 Jake Collins 600.00
5 Alain Goikoetxea 600.00
6 Vincent Matheron 600.00
7 Ivan Rivado 300.00
8 Guillaume Mocquin 300.00
9 Stephan Boussac 300.00
10 Danny Leon 300.00
11 Robin Bolian 300.00
12 Andy Scott 300.00
13 Marcos Gabriel 200.00
14 Sandro Moral 200.00
15 Sebastian Daurel 200.00
16 Remi Wacker 200.00
17 Dannie Carlsen 200.00
18 Matteo Storelli 200.00
19 Jean Michel Paltooglou 200.00
20 Adrien Marco 200.00


1 Sean Goff 1,000.00
2 Paul Atkins 500.00
3 Jean "Bad Prof" Terrisse 300.00
4 Stephane Andre 150.00
5 Dave Duncan 150.00
6 Sasha Steinhorst 150.00

Sosh-Marseille-2012-Mehdi-Salah-frontsidetailbone_WCS_Marseille. Photo Fred Ferand

Sosh-Marseille-2012-Seb-Daurel-nosegind_WCS_Marseille. Photo Fred Ferand

Sosh-Marseille-Remi-Wacker-sad_WCS_Marseille. Photo Fred Ferand

Sosh-marseille-2012-Nolan-Munroe-madonna3_WCS_Marseille. Photo Fred Ferand

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