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Friday, June 22, 2012

Tom Remillard

Tom Remillard

Tom Remillard, ready for the X-Games 2012 at Los Angeles

It’s hard to believe Tom has accomplished what he has in such a short amount of time. Last year, when the third annual Coastal Carnage contest came to an end at the U.S. Open in Huntington Beach, Calif. Tom Remillard came out the well-deserved winner with close to a dozen tricks on the over vert cradle, including huge backside ollies, a stalefish and a backside tailslide to fakie. At Coastal Carnage, the San Diego native showcased how versatile he can be on a board. Tom is the kind of skater that you can throw into any environment and he’ll find a way to skate it. Whether it be some sketchy stairs or a brand new beautiful park, his years of skating Washington Street Skate Park have made him into a strong skater that can take anything and make it not only skateable but look easy. His fluidity and diverse catalog of tricks makes it nearly impossible for anyone to look away. Tom’s versatile style stems from growing up in San Diego and skating the notoriously difficult Washington Street; a park that’s intimidating to even the most seasoned professionals. This training ground has made Tom one of the most fearless and promising ams out there, with a matchless raw energy that sets him apart from his peers. Tom rides for Anti-Hero, Ace Trucks, Spitfire, and Converse.

Here is a mini interview from the Dickies website:
Favorite place to skate?
This double sided red curb down the street from my house. It’s nice because it’s my kind of like my curb.

When you’re not skating?
Read, relax, ride bikes all sorts whether it by fixed gear, mountain, bmx, and chase tail

Favorite Trick?
Standard slash grind

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, June 22, 2012 


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