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Friday, June 15, 2012

Vans launches a brand extension called LXVI

Vans launches a brand extension called LXVI

Since skateboarding is now a mainstream sport and no more about rebellion or punk-rock (at least mainstream skateboarding), and since mainstream brands Nike and Addidas have decided to launch their own version of the extreme sports shoes and since brands like … have decided to use the imagery and way of life of the skateboarding culture, but without reinvesting back into skateboarding, a brand like Vans have decided to go mainstream to offset the growth of non-core skateboarding brands. …
After two years of under the radar studies, Vans is launching its new ‘brand extension” called 66. It’s actually called LXVI but as any good student out there could decipher it, it stand for 66, the year that Mr Van Doren launched the brand from a tiny place in Southern California. The Graph; the Secant; the Inscribe; the Variable; and the Ortho- will debut at select Foot Locker stores, and select specialty lifestyle retailers. The line will also be available in select Vans retailers and online at

There is an in-depth interview of Vans president on


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, June 15, 2012 


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