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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week End with Skreech and Tyler Mumma

Week End with Skreech and Tyler Mumma from Typical Culture
Another Video with Skreech (and Tyler Mumma). Skreech is one of the few
hard core skaters that has not drunken the kool aid of corporate America.
Week End with Skreech and Tyler Mumma

Another Video with Josh Sandoval AKA Skreech (or Screech). After Dragonslayer which was nothing more than a look at the life of skateboarder Screech Sandoval, Skreech return to life as usual. Lots of skateboarding, especially in pools and DIY skateparks. Homeless, jobless, and trying to be around his son, Sid, as much as possible, Screech is not exactly living the good life. At the time of Dragonslayer, a spell of depression that killed the desire to shred the streets forced all of his sponsors to drop him, resulting in no means of income at all. His old girlfriend, the mother of his child, dipped out soon after the birth, and Screech has been trying to get his life back on track.
In Southern California where he live (Fullerton, CA) the economic failure of the Bush years has left many homes abandoned, and about 99% of them had swimming pools. To kill the boredom, Screech and some of his buddies clean out the much and turn the desolate pools into a mini skate park for the day.
Skreech also hang around the guys at Typical Culture, a friendly website from San Diego and that’s where those shots are coming from. It’s nice to see Skreech on a pool. He is a natural born pool shredder and one of the true skateboarders that has not been sellout to corporate America.

There's also a couple of shots with Tyler Mumma and Little Chris.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, June 24, 2012 


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