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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bergfest Volcom Bowl Contest LiveStream: Replay and Results 2012

You can watch the 8 (eight) hours of the Volcom Bergfest bowl contest 2012, but the best parts start at 5:30 (5 hours and 30) minutes with the pro sesh, at 6:00 for the Bergfest Pro finals and at 6:30 for the Double!!
Tim Bijsterveld fingerflip Volcom Bergfest. Photo Fred Ferand
Volcom Bergfest 2012 Livestream

Last week-end at Münster took place the Volcom Bergfest 2012. The total Prize Money was $6.000. The Contest took place at the infamous Berg Fidel Skatepark in Münster, Germany. This park was well known for the legendary Bowl Sessions at the Münster Monster Masterships in the 90′s.
There was the Am, Pro and Masters Divisions. Besides the main contest there also was be a Death Race, a Best Doubles Contest in the Bowl and Best Trick over the Berg Rail. To top it off they were really happy to be able to present you the legendary punk band ‘The Adolescents’ as this year’s music highlight.

This year, a flurry of contestants flooded the Berg Fidel Bowl , including Ben Hatchel who just registered for the Bergfest and landed #1 in 2011.

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Volcom Bergfest 2012 Pro results

1 Jürgen Horrwarth Berlin DE Trap, Volcom, Relentless Energy, TSG, Nixon, FIAT, Planet Sports 35
2 Ben Hatchell Texas US C1RCA, Bones, Zero, Dekline, Paradox, Indy 22
3 Ivan Federics Caluso IT DC, Moster, Warriors, Murder, BlackOut Skateshop 13
4 Renton Miller Melbourne AU Globe, Billabong, Mt Dew, Oakley, Independent, Bones, TSG, Birdhouse
5 Andrea Casasanta Istia Roma IT DC, Monster, Murder, Hotline Shop, TheSpot, Independent 14
6 Björn Klotz Dortmund DE Pavel Skates, Reell Jeans, Globe, Bones Wheels, Mr. Lacy,, Titus Oberhausen 24
7 Tim Bijsteyveld Deuyne NL Broken Skateboards, Hoax, Area51 Skatepark, Skateysocks EU, Skullcandy, Confusion Mag. 20
8 Robin Mentrup Münster DE Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Pavel Skates, Titus Münster, Black Magic, Ergo Clothing, Redbull, 24/7 Distrb. 19
9 Christan Krause Münster DE Quicksilver, Globe, Über, Bones Wheels & Bearings, Titus Münster, Independent, Mr. Lacy, Black Magic, Gasolin 23
10 Robian Fifield Bellingwolde NL Warriors, Stigmatic, frief ambt 19

Thanks to Fred Ferand for the picture. Used with permission.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, July 21, 2012 


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