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Saturday, July 28, 2012

CPH Pro Copenhagen 2012 Bowl Video and Results

Brad McClain Wins CPH Pro 2012
Copenhagen CPH 2012 Video, Thrasher Edit
CPH Pro Copenhagen 2012 Bowl Video and Results

The much beloved Copenhagen Pro went down all this week and skateboarding fans were treated to the usual high caliber show one has come to expect from this annual event. For those who cannot go to Copehagen or missed the livestream, here are both a video and the results.
When it comes to Saturday's Bowl Jam competition, we must say that the the Faelledparken skatepark in Copenhagen has an amazing landscape and at this year’s CPH Pro 2012 bowl contest Powell Peralta rider Brad McClain killed the entire bowl and did it with his special style and of course padless – fucking insane! He took the first place over Raven Tershy of Santa Cruz, California who last year took home top honors beating out Chris Miller and Pedro Barros. In the past Tershy has been compared to skate legend Mike Frazier.
Brad McClain Slide and Roll at Copenhagen CPH Photo Steen Kelså
Frazier is a seasoned pro well known for his high flying, vertical skills. He took home 3rd at the Quicksilver All 80s All Day Vert Competition earlier in 2011. This comparison between the two men was made again at the Bowl Jam when Tershy rocked out a flawless backside air to board. Tershy also came close to taking the Best Trick Award this weekend with his fakie front side in the corner but lost out in the end to Alex Perelson and his gnarly backside lip slide on the over vertical. Unfortunately, Raven Tershy did not participate to the CPH 2012 this year, so we will never know who, Brad McClain or Raven Tershay would have been the best one. It is pretty amazing to see that none of last year’s winner are in the top 15: Raven Tershy, Chris Miller and Pedro barros…
Rune Glifberg #2 Photo Steen Kelså
Last April 2012, Brad McClain joined the Powell Peralta amateur team which is pretty astonishing to me: how come a guy like this does not have a board with his name on it? On the second place came Rune Glifberg and third Josh Stafford .

CPH PRO 2012 BOWL results:
1. Brad McClain
2. Rune Glifberg
3. Josh Stafford
4. Sam Beckett
5. Nicky Guerrero
6. Curren Caples
7. Lance Mountain
8. Jake Collins
9. Alex Perelson
10. Taylor Bingaman
11. Alain Goikoetxea
12. Zach Miller
13. Robbie Russo
Brad McClain #1 CPH 2012 Photo Daily Grind

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Saturday, July 28, 2012 


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