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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Des Moines Skatepark: biggest in the USA

The soon to be the biggest skatepark in the USA

The Des Moines Regional Skatepark Committee is pleased to reveal the final design of the largest open skatepark in the nation

Skateboarders in Des Moines will soon have a new place to skate. The final design plans for a massive skateboarding park in Iowa’s capital city were revealed this weekend. One of the backers of the project, Dan Rogers, says “the best skatepark builders in the world” have designed the park in Des Moines.

It took 8 years to plan and now it’s finally taking shape. Des Moines donated land along the Downtown Riverwalk for the 65,000 square foot park. The park will become the largest skate park in the U.S. It features three different design elements for new and experienced skaters. And a support says most importantly, it connects kids in a new way here.

I know it’s supposed to be the biggest, greatest thing ever and you hear that a lot and it’s usually a letdown, but this time it won’t be,” said Dan Rogers . “This is going to be the best park for sure in the Midwest, if not in America, when this thing’s done.

Dan Rogers knows a thing or two about skateparks. The Tipton native is a professional skateboarder who lives in California and co-owns Subsect Skateshop in Des Moines. He recruited fellow pro skaters Lance Mountain and Colby Carter of California Skateparks to design the project.

Rogers believes the park, to be located near Wells Fargo Arena, will draw international skateboarding competitions to Iowa. “There’s actually potential to have a world renowned event here in Des Moines for skateboarding,” Rogers said. He also predicts the park will draw more young people to stay in Iowa or move to Des Moines.

The skatepark will be built on the west bank of Des Moines River and – at 65,000 square feet – will become one of the largest open skateparks in the U.S. “The way the land is contoured – it’s a site specific design. You couldn’t really build this anywhere else, the way this park is going to be laid out. That makes it very unique and that will attract skateboarders from all over the world,” Rogers said.

Fundraising is underway for the Des Moines Regional Skatepark, which will cost roughly $3.5 million to build. Rogers is hoping a groundbreaking can be held sometime next year.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, July 26, 2012 

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